Positive Impact of Internet on Internet

4 April 2017

E-government, based on The World Bank definition is “the use of information technology by government offices for better services to people, business and to facilitate cooperation among government institutions”. The use of E-government has a prospect of empowering the society through public access to information resources available. (Krisna Sen, 2005) For example, a number of American and European sites feature extensive government reports and scientific studies as well as dynamic debates about government and politics. Analogous Indonesian sites usually offer little beyond public relations materials from government agencies and corporations.

Krisna Sen, 2005) There are unlimited advantages in the application of e-government. The wide use of e-government provides services and assists in communication between government and communities. It, also, provides services and makes a communication possible between government and business sector. Finally, “e-government facilitates communication in intergovernmental and among government institutions” (David Lazer, 2007). Basically, it supports the communication between central and local governments and balances their authority. Indonesia could use E-government for other reasons as well.

Positive Impact of Internet on Internet Essay Example

E-government can maintain the government change towards a democratic future. Online E-government services will motivate general public to use internet and transform the society towards an information epoch. There are many factors that, unfortunately, contribute to the low use of Internet. Most of the ICT development has been concentrated in the metropolis centers like Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, and Surabaya, while rural areas lack access to even the most basic telecom infrastructure. Telephone and computer access have gradually increased over the years, but these figures are still very low.

Another main aspect contributing to the little use of ICTs is the narrow knowledge and use of English in Indonesia. The national language of Indonesia, a dialect of Malay, is used in education, government, and business. That is why the ability to use the Internet is very limited. However, despite an array of geographical, political, and economic obstacles, progress has been made in the operation and use of the Internet in Indonesia with the support of local communities. Also, a significant steps forward has been made in the distribution of ICT education in the country.

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