Positive Psychology and Appreciation

7 July 2016

Appreciation is showing gratitude to one who does something for someone. Also it should be shown to those who volunteer their service to our country and can be expressed in many different ways. To whom it is shown in varies ways from person to person. As a nation we should appreciate the sacrifices that soldiers make to defend the United States of America and keep its citizens safe. Such as the Army that defends us by land. As well as the Navy that defends us on the water and the Air Force that keeps the skies safe. They give us many reasons to show them our appreciation. We can show appreciation to the soldiers of the sacrifices they make. They fight to preserve our way of life and protect us. Along with protecting the freedoms of Americans and the innocent people of other nations. In many cases they volunteer their lives so that the majority of Americans do not have to. Even just a simple “Thank you for your service to our country.” Shows them that we appreciate what they do. We show appreciation to the armed forces in many different ways. One is by respecting individual soldiers by saluting to them and the flag. Another is by giving generously to wounded veteran organizations in both time and money. It is not uncommon for people to show “Random acts of kindness” by buying meals for a soldier or veteran. We must always show our appreciation for our armed forces. We should show respect for the sacrifices they make for us every day. Showing it by saluting the flag, saying thank you, or even buying them a good meal is a way of showing appreciation for all their help and we should continue to support them in any way possible.

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