Possibility of Exporting Elektrotek Ham Radios To Brazil

4 April 2015
Examines the advantages & disadvantages of exporting to Brazil & the potential impact for the company, its home city & state, & the nation.

Possibility of Exporting ElektroTEK Ham Radios to Brazil
James Monroe, manager of ElektroTEK Ham Radios in Encino, California has decided to investigate the possibility of selling his ElektroTEK to South America and wants to know if starting in Brazil would be a good idea. Therefore, he wants answers to two broad questions: (a) what are the advantages and disadvantages of exporting to Brazil, and (b) what would be the projected impact of that exporting on ElektroTEK, the city of Encino, the States of California and the country. This paper will provide answers to those questions.

Advantages and Disadvantages
of Exporting ElektroTEK Ham Radios To Brazil

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