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A memorable day 1 The day that I witnessed the Celebration of Osun Osogbo shrine festival was a memorable day to me. I was living in the hostel of a school that was owned by a chief in Osogbo and the school was close to the place where the shrine rituals were performed, and the festival celebrated. That was the 30th year celebration which I witnessed, and indeed, it was a memorable day for me. When we were told to tell a story about a true experience, I talked about my experience at “Osun Osogbo” festival some years back, behold, people were amazed.

Oroki nursery and primary school was one of the famous schools in Osogbo the capital city of Osun State in Nigeria, West Africa. It was attended by children of the rich and famous people of the state. My sister was one of the teachers in this school, and that gave me the privilege to attend the school. What a memory of my early childhood! It was a beautiful evening; all the children gathered together to have fun and chat with the proprietress of the school, she asked us a question, “Would you like to go on a field trip tomorrow? ” Yes! The children answered.

Every student wanted to get out of the compound because they were bored and it looked like prison to some of the students, living in a compound with high fence. This fence was made of blocks that surrounded the school compound so that the hostel and the children in them will be protected. One cannot get out until the semester ends, but parents could visit a number of times. Therefore, hearing about the field trip was a privilege to get out; there were smiles on every child’s face and some teachers. Guess where we will be going, she said, A memorable day2

“Tomorrow, you will be going on field trip to the palace to witness the Osun Osogbo festival and I promise is going to be fun and a memorable day for all of you” It was an exciting moment for me, for the rest of the evening, so I tried as much as I could to be in my best behavior and did not break any rule. After dinner was served, getting back to the room, my sister helped me to iron my cloth, and my shoes were properly arranged getting ready for the field trip tomorrow. The night was so long, and finally the day broke and jumping out of bed with full of excitement and said my prayers and walked

down to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, took shower and dressed up in the yellow dress that was properly place on the chair, humming and singing “oh! is going to be a memorable day”. On the way to the dinning, you can passive the aroma of the bean cake. At the dinning, the children sat down gently, and neatly dressed in their best attires waiting to be served breakfast, as I sat closely to my best friend Tunrayo, she whispered to me, “Is going to be fun and a memorable day today? ” Responding with smile, I nodded my head, and as soon as the grace was said, grabbing the bean cake about to put the whole piece in the mouth, I heard Ms.

Ronke calling my traditional name “Ike”, “you can’t put the whole piece in your mouth at a time; I will appreciate it if you can follow the table manner”. I said, yes! Ma A memorable day 3 After the breakfast, the Iyalode of Osogbo gorgeously dressed in her “aso Oke” was waiting to talk to the children. In a happy mood she said, “Good morning, my good children, without asking you I can tell that you are all excited today, as good children, write down everything you see today, and be in your best behavior, as I promised is going to be fun and a memorable day.

See you all in the evening, thank you”. Waving our hands and saying bye, she got into her car, while we all got into the school bus with our teachers, singing and clapping hands in the bus till we got to the palace where we saw a lot of people from different places around the world. It was a raining day different people with their umbrella walking side by side. As soon as we got out of the bus, we took a shot together beside the school bus. The camera man said, “Say cheese”. We all said cheese, showing all our teeth, the camera cracked (pam, pam).

Suddenly, I noticed something strange, there was a creature beside us, the creature was like six inches tall and before anyone can figure out what it is, it sprang up, looking taller than the people and the building in place. Oh! My God, I screamed and forgot all the excitement and fun, not knowing what it was, so scared and desiring to go back to the hostel. Wow! What a memorable day. Then, there was a tall, young looking man before us, in a muscular voice he said “Hi, everyone, you are all welcome to this year Osun Osogbo festival, my name is Gbenga, I will be taking you around today to show you some significant places here, hope you

A memorable day4 all have a wonderful day and I promise is going to be fun and a memorable day for each one of you, thank you once again you are welcome. ” All students clapped their hands except me, still crying and sobbing, it was a memorable day indeed, when the man led us to hut where a man was lying and fast asleep, with a dead cock Beside him, ouch! We all screamed as if something bit us. Mr. gbenga quickly turned back and apologize for not informing us before we got to the place. “Oh!

Am so sorry about that, that is one of the rituals usually performed on this memorable day, but we missed an important aspect of it, which is the man using his bare hands to tear the cock apart and drinking its blood before he went to sleep. ” “hmmmmm drink the blood of a cock! ” the children sounded, at this time my eyes were heavy for crying and I said, it is a memorable day indeed, today is today. Then, Mr. Gbenga looked down and touches me and said “Oh my pretty girl, is just fun, don’t be scared ok” Responded in a sobbing mood “ok” from there we went to the shrine. Hah! Ha! Mr.

Gbenga cleared his throat and said “Here we are the shrine of Osun Osogbo” He told us the story about the shrine, but I closed my eyes firmly clung to my sister, to be honest, I did not hear the detail of the (shrine) of Osun Osogbo. All I heard was A memorable day5 “Hope you all have a wonderful and a memorable day, see you all next year and be good, thank you all. ” Finally, we got back to the hostel, and it was time to tell the proprietress all that happened at the festival, she asked, “Hope you all enjoyed yourself today? As I told you are going to be fun and a memorable day” “Yes! ” chorused the children, she continued,

“Can you tell me what you saw today? ” There were different hands up, and then she noticed that I was not racing up hand, she called my name and asked, “Ike, what is the matter, why are you not raising your hand? ” At this moment all eyes were on me, and then a girl said, “Oh! She was crying all day because she was so scared”. Then, she pulled me closed to herself and said, “I know today has been a memorable day for you and everyone here”. This is an experience I can never forget in my life, socializing, educative, but scary, and it has been in my memory for the past thirty years now, indeed a memorable day.

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