Post-Operative Rehabilitation of Knee Arthroscopy

4 April 2015

An analysis of continuous passive motion (CPM) as a method of post-operative rehabilitation of knee arthroscopy.
This paper reviews the literature in an attempt to determine whether CPM is of considerable medical benefit and also to determine whether there is any cause for concern with self-managed rehabilitation.
Table of Contents
Problem Statement
Literature Review: Knee Arthroscopy
Continuous Passive Motion
Continuous Passive Motion and Stiffness Continuous Passive and Knee Arthroplasty
Continuous Passive Motion and Arthroscopy
Research Needed
Learning Outcome
“Knee arthroscopy has become a popular treatment for effective diagnosis of knee problems as well as being used to treat knee problems. In many cases, arthroscopy has replaced previous invasive methods. The major benefits include the less invasive nature of the procedure. This results in less hospital time and less recovery time, which also produces a cost saving for the patient.”

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