Post WWII European Economic Integration

4 April 2015
Traces the economic integration in Europe from the years after WWII to the groundbreaking Maastricht Treaty and identifies some of the key challenges to this process.

The paper comments that at the dawn of this new millennium the project of European economic integration faces a number of challenges, each of which the EU is striving to address effectively. The paper goes on to describe these challenges and explore the pressing issues associated with them. Also examined, is the development of European economic integration from the years following World War Two to the rise of the European Union.
“In 1995 the Madrid European Council asked for an examination of the likely effects of enlargement on the European Union. The report was to contain information pertaining to the consequences of enlargement in regard to agricultural and structural policies as well as a long-term budgetary outlook. Financial information was important because it was thought that enlargement would entail an extensive overhaul of EU economic policy in order to incorporate new member states.”

Post WWII European Economic Integration Essay Example

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