Potential Problems with Performance Appraisals

4 April 2015
This paper looks at the inherent problems of performance appraisals and offers ways to avoid them.

This paper examines the use of performance appraisals in the workplace. The three building blocks of performance appraisal are trait based, behavioral based, and rate based, all offer The author evaluates these three methods, and how they are affected by the habits of the supervisors conducting appraisals.
From the paper:

“An organization should be able to teach their supervisors the proper techniques for rating and having the appraisals implemented with high ethical consideration. ?Managers, as well as, subordinates, are concerned about the politics and lack of fair treatment, honesty, and truthfulness within a performance review? (Axline, 1996, 44). To give an accurate representation of the performance an employee accomplishes two things should be done. One is that management should require appraisers who give poor ratings to document an outline procedure for improving performance and/or initiate termination.”

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