Power of Music

11 November 2016

Music can unite and music can drive apart. Where does music get its power and effect? My music allows me to disappear and become part of a body that dances to the same rhythm; while at the same time makes me an individual in the midst of rhythms that don’t tickle my fancy. My music liberates me from the chains of the norm and the acceptable, it allows me to express myself in a way that can only be done through music; I love music. All through history it’s been discovered that people have always had music, have always loved music, music has been the companion of the lonely and also of the joyful.

If the majority of people were called to look into the role music plays in their society, they would realize that music is a governing force in a lot of the things that are going on around them today. Music allows a refuge for a lot of people who don’t feel they belong in their specific communities or schools and so on. So music plays the role of a friend, and a friend who you really look up to influences a lot about the way you are. The way you dress, talk, behave and the things you believe in can be raced into the music you prefer.

Power of Music Essay Example

For others, it might not be a case of seeking refuge but simply of relating to the music, the lyrics and even the artist responsible for that music. In this case too you’ll find that people are comfortable around people who appreciate the same music as they do. Often they will dress similarly, hang out and participate in similar places and events. So music unites us with those that share a common taste and to an extent separates us from people who don’t. Music has become extremely expressive, to the point where people can say absolutely anything they like on a song and get away with it without so much as a slap on the hand.

This has been liberating but has also developed a lot of negative behavior. From Rock and Roll, RnB to Rap, you will find artist that have something of value to say and a lot of artists who don’t but still want to say something anyways. I think we went through a time of rebellion in music, where artist spoke freely on their feelings towards let’s say the police or parents or just authority in general. Then what you begin to see are people that share the feelings of the musicians begun to live what they sing.

Rebellion on the streets, rebellion in the home, teens on drugs and in gangs, violence and murder. I am not saying music is responsible, just that music is a catalyst, music makes people feel invincible sometimes and when you get a group of people with nothing to do and really nothing to lose, then music becomes dangerous. People like to relate and to feel like their part of something, music gives that to the people, whatever your taste maybe, music has a home for you. Music plays a major role in what is deemed acceptable and not acceptable in society.

Things that were not even considered back in the day, today can be seen as the norm and I’m convinced music had a role to play. The way women are disrespected on videos, running around half naked, now it’s on our streets and on our campuses as the norm. So for me the role music plays in today’s society is massive. It can be powerfully constructive but also powerfully destructive. This will be decided by the popular artists of the next couple of years and the public that receives this music. Music was at the beginning and it shall be at the end.

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