Power outages

8 August 2016

All countries have different plagues that led them to bedevil in raising their growing economy. Like the Philippines we are facing a tribulations in the power outages of our country. Energy crisis is one of the struggles facing our country. Power supply have a big part in our lives that make our life easy in doing tasks. Just think of how your life will be without electricity or power. We all know how inconvenient it is without electricity so were afraid of brownouts and power fails.

The Philippines is second to the U. S. in terms of geothermal power capacity but transmission and distribution of power failures and now the power outages is the big problem. How that’s happened? All of us want to have a joyful life in our country but how can we do that if our other leaders is dishonest so that’s the reason why we can’t be united to help each other. We have a corrupt politicians in our government that’s why there are so many problems in our country.

Power outages Essay Example

The secretary of energy Petilla says that our country has a capacity to build a power-generation facilities but there’s no investors willing to take that offer or responsibility because in my opinion, some investors didn’t trust in our government politicians. Most Filipinos are afraid in the power outages since 1990’s under President Cory Aquino because they are much concern in the fastest growing economy in different country in Asia.

Since 1990, some Filipino’s experienced a power problem such as brownouts or blackouts, power failures, power outages and loss of power. In terms of the shortage of power supply, we can have a diesel-powered generator but it is so too much expensive. Because we will import the fuel to the other countries so we will be more dependent to other country and it can’t help.

In Goldman Sachs report, $46 billion is the total investment to set up modern power generation in the Philippines and we all know that it is not easy to get a big amount like that now. I therefore conclude that most Filipinos are still suffering in their lives now. Former President Cory Aquino talk about the development of country in he r speech in 1992 and according to her “the self-respect of the Filipino nation would be reinforced by strong institutions”.

She wanted to increasethe growing of infrastructure in our country. But can we see what happened now, there’s no change at all. We’re just learning to cope with the lack of stable electricity and that’s the problem in us. Don’t just speak but do your aspirations be done. For me, we need to limit our usage in the electricity to save power. Then we need to be resourceful in many ways so we can create some techniques that can save more power to help our country in the problem energy crisis.

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