Power root product

7 July 2016

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Serving Size : 250mlServing Per Can: 1 Per (100ml)Per Serving (250ml) Energy66 kcal164 kcal Carbohydrate15.8 g39.5 g Total Sugars13.7 g34.3 g Protein0.6 g1.5 g Fat0 g0 g

INGREDIENTS – De-lonized – Sugar – Glucose – Honey – Fructose – Citric Acid – Taurine – Filtered Water – Inositol – Lysine – Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B12 – Contains Permitted Preservative, Coloring & Food Conditioner – Tongkat Ali Extract – D-Gluconalactone – Choline Bitartrate – Nicotinamide

Power root product Essay Example


Corporate objectives

Develop and promote herbal energy drinks fortified with two main rainforest herbs “Tongkat Ali” and “Kacip Fatimah”

Corporate Motto

Think Of Tongkat Ali, Think Of Power Root.

Marketing Objective

Established a strong and aggressive marketing network in Malaysia and target the market with different products.

To cater for the strong market demand locally, business development opportunities abroad and new formulations development.

Marketing Communication Objectives

1. To increase overall profit of Power Root by 9 %( RM878million) within 1 year after the promotion conducted. This level of performance for sales is justified on the basis of increasing fast-paced lifestyles of Malaysian consumers on premixed coffee market is set to grow at a compound annual rate growth of 8.7% and shifting demand for healthy coffee have lead to the growth of the local instant premixed coffee market.

9% base on sales from previous year =RM9759million*9%=RM878million

2009 profit after taxation: RM9759million.

2. To increase the Power Root Market Share in the instant premix coffee market. This can be justified by Power Root ‘s strong brand position and with the established total supremacy over its rival with the well accepted instant coffee containing Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah which offer strong aroma and health benefits that beat suit consumers’ demand for healthier lifestyle.

Brand position: Premium pricing and good quality

3. To enhance market awareness of Power Root among the emerging market of 18-75 years-old males and females especially Malay and Chinese community over the 12 months after the promotion conducted

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