Powerhouse of Inspirational Women

“Motherhood is the greatest potential influence in human society.” This significant quote by David O. McKay shows the strength and power a mother possesses. To be a mother is more than the biological aspect of a fetus growing inside of one’s uterus. It is the power to develop morals within a child and to be independence. The women of my family, whom have been my light of guidance, are my inspiration and have such an impact on how I live my life. These women are the people I consider the mothers of my childhood.
Reality television shows such as “Supernanny”, exemplify how children can be quite a handful for two parents. A question that always seems to boggle my mind is how my single mother managed to raise three children. Is there a gene in a woman that enables her to fail or succeed in being a single mother? Is it a matter of “the survival of the fittest”? Whatever the circumstances may have been, she accomplished the challenging task of raising prosperous young adults with instilled morals and values. At the young age of 24, two years prior to my birth, my mother adopted her two younger brothers when my grandmother passed away. She raised two young boys into men mainly by herself, with the support of my aunts by her side. Watching my family support one another through these tough times is something that always stood out in my mind, and taught me the importance of family. My aunt always told me, “We don’t have anyone else, but us. So, we must be there for each other.” My aunts played a major role in my upbringing. My aunts who were there for me, while my mother worked. I have fond memories of my Great-Aunt Wanda and me traveling along the east coast and visiting different cities. I can also vividly remember strolling along my Aunt Tanika to numerous poetry slam events, which sparked my interest and love for poetry. As a child, it never occurred to me that my household structure was even the slightest bit uncommon. Every other child around me had a matron figure running the household, like mine. Growing up around such strong women, such as the ones in my own family, taught me life lessons that I will forever remember. They have taught me the importance of obtaining a higher education, so that I can become an independent young woman in today’s society.
From my mother’s courage and strength, to my great-aunt’s nurturing nature, and my aunt’s wisdom, these women have single-handedly sculpted my life and the person that I am today. I make every effort try to show my appreciation to them every chance I am given. They motivate me and encourage me to succeed in whatever I set out to do in life. My absolute goal in life is to become a positive and meaningful role model within society. I want to achieve my highest potential in what I am capable of doing and making my family proud.

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