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7 July 2016

Press Release: Pride Enterprises CFO Resigns November 23, 2013 – Pride Enterprises, Inc. (Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc.) a company that is “nationally recognized in inmate training operating general manufacturing and services facilities throughout the state of Florida” (Pride Enterprises, Inc., 2013). Today Pride is announcing the resignation for Bob Thompson, Chief Financial Officer effective immediately. Susan Sanchez, Finance Director will temporarily assume the duties of the chief financial officer for Pride Enterprises until a new chief financial officer has been appointed. At this time the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating Pride Enterprises more will follow with the findings of the investigation.

About Pride Enterprises, Inc. “Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc. doing business as Pride Enterprises, is a nationally recognized inmate training company operating Agriculture, Sewn Products, Graphics, Manufacturing, and Services facilities throughout the state of Florida. Pride Operates 41 training centers providing work and training to inmates in 29 state correctional facilities” (Pride Enterprises, Inc., 2013). General Information on Pride Enterprises can be obtained at the company’s website: Contact:

PR Communication Memo Essay Example

Rose Rudder, Investor Relations 813-324-8700 [email protected] Memorandum To: Manager From:Christina Thurman Date:12/1/13 Re:PR Communication Due to the current situation with the resignation of Bob Thompson we must understand that under corporate social responsibility Pride is “responsible for the behavior of its members and may be held accountable for their misdeeds” (Seitel, 2011). We must do the following to abide by the laws: 1. Release to the public the resignation of Bob Thompson and the investigation from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission – under SEC Rule 10b-5 “the SEC prohibits the dissemination of false or misleading information to investors” (Seitel, 2011). 2. We must provide all documents that the SEC is requesting regarding the investigation

We need good public communication regarding the resignation and investigation. Through our Press Release we need to create a public understanding of what is going on in order to avoid a crisis installing fear that Pride has been corrupted we need to gain the trust of the public and stakeholders.

We must show the public and the shareholders that we are doing the right thing by following our ethics. “Ethics are the values that guide a person, organization, or society – concepts such as right and wrong, fairness and unfairness, honesty and dishonesty” (Seitel, 2011). Pride Enterprises needs to do the right thing by letting the public to include the stakeholders know the situation. We do not need to hide anything or sugar coat it because it will only create a bad image of Pride Enterprises. It is now our job to assure the Stakeholders that we are doing everything we can during the investigation and that Pride Enterprises still has the integrity and honesty that they believed in when investing.

“Public opinion is a powerful force that can impact the earnings of corporations through such actions as product boycotts, union strikes and the misdeeds of key executives” (Seitel, 2011). Throughout the investigation and searching for a new CFO we must keep the public opinion on our side. Pride Enterprises is not only providing quality materials we are also helping the inmates train and start over upon release. If we fail to keep a good public opinion we could lose business and have to shut down industries causing us to help fewer inmates. References

Pride Enterprises, Inc.. (2013). About Pride. Retrieved from http:// Seitel, F. P. (2011). The Practice of Public Relations (11th ed.). Pearson Education.

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