Practicum in airline

8 August 2016

Dnata was owned by a person named Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Way back 1959 Dnata has only 5 staff and a bicycle it is to provide ground handling and cargo services at Dubai International Airport. The dubai government set up Dnata Travel Services to meet the current and future travel demands of the public and the travel trade with retail and wholesale products. It is the largest, most innovative and most successful supplier of air travel services in the Middle East. With a global footprint of 37 countries, dnata employs over 20,000 employees for its operations worldwide.

It is operated by their key people who are Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum (Chairman/CEO) Maurice Flanagan (Executive Vice-Chairman Emirates Airline and Group) Gary Chapman (President of Dnata). D. Organizational Chart E. Facilities, No. of outlets dnata (Philippines) provides all aspects of passenger and ramp handling services. It has enjoyed significant growth over the last few years, with new customer contracts and increased business with existing clients making it a market leader in Manila. Its main base in the Philippines is Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, with other hubs at Clark International Airport.

Practicum in airline Essay Example

Outstanding characteristics of the establishment dnata (Philippines) entered the market with a promise to put safety and security first in all their actions and strive to set industry standards that will be admired by their peers. It is also teamed up with a global association of leading business travel companies, in order to offer gilt-edged corporate travel products and services. dnata (Philippines) is a global provider of business technology solutions, delivering business transformation and process improvement to customers in six continents.

It provides in-flight meals, tailored to the tastes of the passengers travelling with its airline customers including a range of a special meals, including Halal dishes, in 58 airports in 11 countries around the world. Discussion of Findings/Analysis/Recommendation DEPARTMENT: PASSENGER SERVICE DEPARTMENT/GROUND HANDLING A. Areas of Concern 1. Organization Structure In Qatar Airways they have to know their role in the organization. They have to lead their subordinates and collaborate with their peers, and follow their superior. They maintain unity of vision purpose, goals and objectives.

And encourage everyone to participate in decision making and management in accordance with each one’s capabilities and competence. 2. Operations Systems and Procedures The employees have the same time schedule they have to arrive at 12pm in the office. The flight controller is the one who is responsible to double check the attendance of the PSA’s. As a Passenger Service Agent at the airport, we do same routines every day. Before flight we make sure to conduct a pre arrival briefing to ensure that the PSA’s are well informed about the flight.

The flight controller is the one who is responsible to tell us what the book load is, the number of the arriving passengers, the number of the arriving cargos, the names of the passengers that we will assist to their connecting flights, the number of the carousel and the gate number that we are using. The Admin assistant is the one who will give us the things that we will need during the operations for the arrival like the PM (Passenger Manifest) GD (General Declarations) of the arriving crews and other important papers.

During the check in time, we are going to wait for the arrival of the aircraft and perform the second task that was assigned to each of the staffs. The departure is conducted right after the disembarkation of the arrived passengers. 3. Facilities, Equipment, Etc. Dnata Manila has been operating a full range of passenger and ramp handling services since 1998 and has always taken pride in its ability to adapt and progress. Dnata provides all aspects of passenger and ramp handling services.

It has enjoyed significant growth over the last few years, with new customer contracts and increased business with existing clients making it a market leader in Manila. It is the only internationally owned ground handling agent in Manila’s airport, providing all aspects of passenger and ramp handling services. Dnata has enjoyed significant growth in the country over the last few years and has successfully positioned itself as a quality provider with a keen attention to safety and customer service satisfaction. 4. Manpower-scheduling, work method, styles of communication

Manpower-scheduling is the systematicassignment of appropriate personnel to jobs or tasks in an efficient and effective manner. A revolving manpower schedule is a type of schedule which insures employees that each person working a specific position will have an opportunity to work each shift within a workplace. Creating a revolving manpower schedule is a time efficient and precise way to manage employees and it is the best way to manage employees when there is a need to cover many shifts within a position. This may take time to execute, as it needs careful negotiation or persuasion with workers.

They also use two-way radio to communicate with each other. They use phonetic alphabets. They speak in both Filipino and English languages. 5. Work atmosphere, inter-personal relations Lay-out, ventilation, color scheme of office I can work with employees in the office harmoniously, they are very approaching. They are very friendly and fun to work with. You can ask them if you have questions or still don’t know some other matters regarding the operation routines and etc. They will answer your questions or helped you right away. They talked to passengers in a proper way, calmly and handle the situation well.

There is proper ventilation and the layout of the office is suitable for working. The color scheme of the office is basically colors with shade of Red, Beige because it is the color of Qatar Airways. 6. Use of materials resources The material resources in the office are organized, well maintained and the employees know how to use them properly. They also have stocks of office supplies like bond papers, folders, ball pens and envelopes that we need for Passenger Information Sheets, Passenger Manifest, TAC Sheets and others used in documentation and check-in counter.

We also recycle papers. We use scratched papers as our briefing sheets. The files and materials are arranged with name labels alphabetically and according to their corresponding stations or sections. They have 2 telephones the first one is for direct calls the second one is for international calls. 7. Sanitation procedures/ practices Sanitation is the hygienic means of promoting health through prevention of human contact with the hazards of wastes as well as the treatment and proper disposal of sewage wastewater.

The staff cleans the office twice a day. There is also a water dispenser, tissue and sanitizes in the office. B. Strengths Dnata have achieved their ailines’s loyalty because of their highly trained employees and exceptional safety standards. The main strength of the Dnata is its experience which stretched its events to the Europe, Africa, North America and to many other countries. It has a diverse range of industries to work. It has acquired a better understanding of a wide range of businesses and has successfully developed a relationship among them.

Qatar Airways is a Oneworld member giving a 5-star travel experience. On time performance, schedule reliability and a smooth, comfortable flight are just some of the things that the air-traveling international has come to expect from Qatar Airways. C. Improvement Areas/Weaknesses The stairway is near in the office, though it is a big help for the staff to goes up and down, it is quite dangerous as well. There are some incidents happened because of the stairs, it has a crack and a small hole every each steps.

Some of the conveyors in check in counters are broken and needed to be fixed because it may cause harm to the agents assigned in that area. Other gates should also have escalators and comfort rooms especially to the gates not located in satellite areas like gate 15 where Qatar Airways is located, as I’ve noticed the passengers especially the elders are having a hard time going up and down carrying their baggage. They also need to go up just to go to comfort rooms which in not convenient to the passengers. D. Recommendations After my 400 hours of training in DNATA Inc.

I highly recommend especially to Qatar Airways to have other practicumers because that establishment is really a good one. They give the practicumers like us what we really needs to learn regarding operations on how is the proper way of assisting the passenger, how to do checking-in the passenger, and so many. I am sure that some practicumers will gain knowledge from them. It is a stepping stone in our course which is International Travel and Tourism Management. There is a lot opportunities the surely awaits you.

I also want to recommend the working area which is the airport NAIA Terminal 1, if there is a possibility to renovate or to reconstruct some area inside and outside the airport. It also needs some new equipment or devices like weighing scale because some of those are not working properly, a computer because i saw some computers not working because it has no keyboard or mouse. An escalator is also a big help for a children, elderly, pregnant women and person with disability to help them to proceed at the gate more convenient. CONCLUSION

My training experience was a whole package – I get to know more about the industry I’m getting in, I gained a lot of friends and colleagues, plus I learned a lot in such a way that it will definitely help me with my future career. What I love about Dnata Inc. and Qatar Airways is that they really have a program for on-the-job trainees like me. They have a special attention to those students who undergo training with them. Every day we see flight attendants and pilots. The desire of my heart to work with people like them started at the moment I saw them first time.

There may be routinely works, but what they are doing is what I really want to do. I enjoy every little thing that I am learning every day in the office/airport. I realize that in the real world, you will encounter a lot of people with different attitude and it’s up to you to bend for them or take those in a negative way. All in all, it was a great experience with dnata Inc. and Qatar Airways. They taught me such lessons that I would never forget I step out in the real world. They have really exposed me to the industry in which I will make myself belong in a few months now.

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