Practicum Report

1 January 2017

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following persons/individuals to the development of my paper/project: My classmates and Friends Who’s been there supporting me; every time that I got questions about our paper, I always ask for their advise. I greatly value their friendship and I deeply appreciate their belief in me. My Family None of this would have been possible without the love and patience of my family. My immediate family to whom this dissertation is dedicated to, has been a constant source of love, concern, support and strength all these years.I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to my family.

My extended family has aided and encouraged me throughout this endeavor. I warmly appreciate the generosity and understanding of my extended family who’s always giving me my allowance, for me to be able to go to my practicum site. To our practicum adviser, Mr. Romeo Carangian I have been amazingly fortunate to have an adviser who gave me the freedom to explore on my own, and at the same time the guidance to recover when my steps faltered.We had swapped from City Garden Suite to Lotus Garden Hoteland our schedule for this time is for morning shift. At firstday of duty in Kitchen, we felt already the presence of laughterand enjoyment. Chefs were so naughty and they don’t take thework seriously.

Practicum Report Essay Example

I mean while cooking they tend to be funny sothat everybody is happy and you won’t fell the tiredness. Forus, who are trainees, we’re only capable to be the assistant ofchef. We prepared food and ingredients needed for breakfast. Westocked ready-to-used food in refrigerator and we even cookedvegetable which used for garnish.How great it was to be withfunny chefs yet we’ve learned things which we could use in thefuture. They shared not only tips in cooking but also itsprocedure. If for garnish, we are allowed to make it becausethey are just simple to follow and prepare.

How many times thatI was assigned to cook for the food of employees The other wayfor us to learn also was to take an insight of what the chef iscooking. I’ve known how to make different types of omelet too. Quite sometimes we’re washing used plates though it’s not partof our duty. That was to show our willingness and gratefulnessto work in their establishments.

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