Pran Marketing Plan of Pran Apple Milk Shake

2 February 2017

Report Background Marketing of any product is an art. In this current world marketing is stands with a very important role for launching a new product. Marketing a product is becoming very difficult and definitely so tuft. Because in launching a product, first of all the main problem is the competitors of that particular product. If the functions of marketing are right than the product can be marketed successfully.

In the current world 85% of new product failed to build its image.Because definitely there is some mistakes happened in the marketing process. So it is so difficult to identify the fault of launching a new product. If any company wants to survive, it has to differentiate with its product. If anybody failed to create any different with their product, that product will go in the dust box. The product should have value than it is easy to create the position in the customer mind. Because when the customer and the product understand their relation the equity can built automatically.

1. 1 Proposed ProductI have selected a new juice milk as the new product line of Pran Dairy. The product is Apple Milk Shake. This is totally new for the customer or for the people in our country. In the market we have many milk shake like, Mango milk shake, Chocolate Milk shake, and so one. But apple milk shake is a drink, which is produce and marketed in our country for the first time. I am trying to differentiate this product with the other and apple milk shake is the most new concept for the customer.

It is a hypothetical feeling as that food. The mango juice, which is available in the market, is just only the flavor.

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