Pre-marital Sex Cause and Effect

8 August 2016

In our recent, Present, and possibly our future generations of youths, an un precedent amount of youths take part in the contemplation and indulging of premarital sex. Teens of ages as young as 11 to 20 partake in dating and interactions, and sexual intercourse with the opposite sex some of early teenage to adolescent. Statistics show that in a percentage of youths that are dating at young ages lose their virginity within the first week upon dating. Boy likes girl, and girl likes boy.

The opposite sexes attracts which ignites desires for interactions which then leads to dating which leads elsewhere and eventually ends with premarital sexual relations. Dating is the primary cause for premarital sex. Although other elements are included, Dating is where it starts. What is dating actually? Really, dating is any social activity in which your romantic interest is focused on one particular and that person’s interest is focused on you. Whether on the phone or face-to-face, in the open or in secret, if you and a friend have a special romantic understanding and communicate regularly, it’s dating.

Pre-marital Sex Cause and Effect Essay Example

Although In many cultures dating is regarded as a legitimate way for two people to become better acquainted with one another, dating should be an honorable purpose -to help a young man and women determine if they want to get married to each other. The period of life when sexual feelings and romantic emotions first become strong is quoted, in the Bible, as the “Bloom of Youth”-(New World Translation–1Corinthians 7:36). It is at these periods in a young person life where the most cautions must be taken.

Maintaining close association with one particular member of the opposite sex while in this phase can fan flames of desires and lead to premarital sex. The “Bloom of Youth” is a crucial element and so is “Peer Pressure”. Many youths are eager to experiment with sex. Influences from the world today promotes sexual relations outside of marriage. These influences (Pressure) come from our day-to-day interactions with our peers. Individuals experience unrelenting teasing and harassment for maintaining their virginity and values. This pressure gives social awkwardness to young individuals and pushes them to pair up with the opposite sex.

Classmates may pressure couples to have sex. Believing that you must have sex to know if you’re in love. Contrary to what some may think, taking improper sexual liberties doesn’t mean that you’re in love nor does it deepen a relationship. Many young ones today view relationships as transitory -which in a sense prepares them for divorce rather than for marriage. Sex is a gift from God, one that we all can really-really enjoy, but in the right way. God condemns fornication. In the Bible, it describes all forms of sexual relations outside of marriage.

Consequently, kissing, embracing, or doing anything that causes arousal can lead to premarital sex. The effects of premarital sex can cause individuals to take on life responsibilities that they have not prepared for. For instance, a married couple may have intentions on raising kids and starting a family. So with kids being the expected outcome of sex they make the right preparations to take on these responsibilities, where as a couple who are not married and have no intensions of marriage unexpectedly have children then these responsibilities are forced upon them.

When we chose our marriage mates we include them in every aspect of our lives and harmonize together, but in terms to those who engage in activities meant for married couples, they then find themselves forcing there lives upon one another. This ties with the statement “Pick the mate you want to Stick with, instead of the mate you’re Stuck with”. With the effect of young teens engaging in premarital sex we see young “teen parents” a responsibility given to the inexperienced. Hence the statement “Babies raising Babies”. In consequence, premarital sex is often an emotionally painful experience.

After sex, the typical feelings most youths feel are embarrassment and ashamed. Christians are urged to wait until marriage to enjoy the gift of sexual relations. The Bible illustrates, at Ecclesiastes chap. 3:1-8, that “just as there is a time to love and a time to hate”, there is also a time to act on sexual urges and a time to refrain from doing so. In conclusion, Dating prior to the “Bloom of Youth”, Peer Pressure and regular interactions with the opposite sex result in premarital sex. The effects is the shame of immorality.

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