Preconceived Notion

2 February 2017

First Impressions: True or False? “Don’t be over self-confident with your first impressions of people” – Chinese Proverb. Even though people try not to make preconceived notions, it just seems to happen instantly and uncontrollably. Once you have “branded” that person with your preconceived notion, they will always seem like that when you see them and it would be hard to change your mind about them. The only way of knowing how people are truly is to simply give them a chance and talk to them and get to know them better because you may never know when your notion may be overthrown.

It is my personal experience to say that my first impression of someone who is now one of my closest friend have been overthrown when I took a chance and talked to her. The person that proved my preconceived notion to be false is one of my closest friends named Jolie. My first impression of her was not very nice at all, but in all honesty, it may not have been a decent day for me when I first met her. The first time I met Jolie, the first thing that triggered in my mind was, “ Wow!

Preconceived Notion Essay Example

This chick’s voice is super annoying”, and maybe with some other colorful words in between. Secondly was the content of which she was speaking about; all her top branded clothes, shopping nearly everyday, money shredding, and basically getting whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Soon, my thoughts of her were simply, she was a stuck-up, spoiled princess who is not grateful for anything that her parents give to her. A few weeks after my awful notion of her, I finally was able to meet the real Jolie when my math teacher, Mrs.

Burns, made us project partners. Thanks to the project, we managed to exchange phone numbers and conversed and I was allowed to talk know her better. I found out her parents were divorced and that the shopping nearly everyday was to spend time with her mother or father, depending on which day/week she was who. I also discovered that the branded clothes were for her to go out to dinner with her father because after all, she was his little girl.

Jolie is a very caring friend who will always have my back whenever I needed it, and I know that for a fact. The experience I had with Jolie changed my complete view on everyone I walk pass or even have class with. Even though I promised myself that I would not make preconceived notions about people that I do not know, the idea seems to instantly pop into my mind. Although it would be easier to just go with your thoughts, I think about my experience with Jolie and disregard that false information.

In my mind, that person is “Innocent until proven guilty”, or until I interact with them and learn real facts about them. Do not always believe in your first impression because there is always a chance that it was wrong. The way you “brand” a person can lead you away from a possible friend, or even lover. What I went through with Jolie led me to a greater understanding of people and to be able to give them a chance to be your friend.

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