Pregnant Teens & Marriage

4 April 2015
Argues against forced marriage between pregnant teen mother & father & examines alternatives (abortion, adoption).

This paper explores the question, Should pregnant teens marry the fathers of their babies? Conservatives argue that the responsibility of pregnancy obligates the parents to raise their child in an intact, traditional home in which the mother and father are married. This paper argues, however, that obligatory marriage adds another major problem to the situation rather than providing a viable solution. This paper contends that any unwanted, unplanned pregnancy is a complex enough circumstance with which to contend. Forced marriage, based solely on the fact of such a pregnancy, tends to compound the problem, not provide a solution. This paper argues that teenaged pregnancy should be dealt with separately in as unemotional and clear-headed a way as possible. This is also an argument for enforcing both the rights and responsibilities of fatherhood in such a circumstance.

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