Presence of religion in Candide

6 June 2017

Candied, a satirical novel based in the sass’s that not only ridicules all of society but none other than the church as well. When Voltaire wrote this novel he knew exactly how controversial his work would be considering that the church had control over the moral and social order of that time. Throughout the novel there are Instances where he refers to religion as a serious matter and there are times when all he does Is ridicule It. Voltaire leaves you wondering what exactly he meant to say and the Irony behind It. Anode Is a satirical novel where you have to truly pay attention and see he hidden message that he is trying to say through his subtle hints of humor. Voltaire makes it a point in his novel to single out religious figures and show the audience the truth in an honest ironic way. He wants the readers to see how religious figures use their power and “Holy” title to cheat, abuse, and use people. He makes the religious figures outrageous actions seem acceptable by society only because they are religious. Since he Is so nonchalant about what the religious people do it makes us think “that is crazy how is that okay”.

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He uses humor to degrade elision ever so slightly ” ‘be sure,’ said Candied, ‘To represent to them how frightfully inhuman it is to cook men, and how very UN-Christian. ” (candied page 56). He tries to make this funny by showing how calm his tone is, and how he first refers to cooking a man as inhuman and religion as second thoughts. He is showing how humanism comes before religion. In Candied, Voltaire Is trying to give the message that the church Is not all sweet but in reality also somewhat dark and sinister. He is trying to show the readers how religion and god is not a peaceful idea but in reality the opposite.

Voltaire wrote very serious and pleasant when giving his message, ” I was in bed and fast asleep when it pleased God to send the Bulgarians to our delightful castle of thunder-ten- Toronto; they sew my father and brother, and cut my mother in pieces. ” (page 27). This shows how Voltaire did not use a hostile, or angry tone; quite the opposite really. He wanted the readers to Interpret what they wanted from his message, whether they agree with him or not, it leaves the reader questioning the motives tort religion and god. Voltaire targets the actions of the church and how they have the power to do what hey pleased.

He wants the readers to see how the church affects the Government and the people and how present It Is with everything. The church even has the ability to chose your fate for example ” If this holy man called In assistance he will surely have me burnt; and condoned will perhaps be served In the same manner; he was the cause of being cruelly whipped. ” (31 ) This aggression from the Church is what Voltaire wants to show, he wanted people to open their eyes and see how wrong it is. He even used the reference “holy man” and normally holy meaner being peaceful and mind; not whipping people ‘ Off action of the church.

Since this novel takes place in the sass’s the church has a very large influence on the social order, and politics. Voltaire wanted to expose the Church and its officials for how they truly treated people, and that the Holy view of them is a sham. He wanted the reader to take look at how the church acted and how wrong it is, but because they are the Church it was okay. He wanted to expose the Church in a subtle way without directly accusing them. He used a cheerful, light hearted tone with a cunning serious topic.

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