Presentation Martin Margiela

1 January 2018

An accurate analysis of the profile of Mom’s customers is to use socio-styles. Mom’s customers are sharing the same vision of fashion, they love refined but minimalist fashion and are avian-sardines. They want to stand out from seasonal trends and they do reject the conventions in fashion: they are rigorists. Two subcultures are mainly represented amongst Mom’s customers.

The “Boobs”are the new urban upper class, they love wearing brands without showing-off, and it corresponds to the no-logos cult of MM.They love the idea of a “confidential luxury’ and unachieved aesthetics like the nude beauty look of Charlotte Ginsburg for example. Boobs are aware of the environmental issues, they buy organic food and recycle: the idea of making new clothes with old ones is in Mom’s DNA (“Artisan” clothes line). More recently, the Hip-Hop subculture started to be represented when the rapper Kenya Nest started to talk about the brand and went on stage with the famous crystal- embellished faces. The rapper Future even created a song called “Martin Marginal”.This is quite paradoxical considering that Hip-Hop is all about billing-billing and MM about Belgian minimalism. But we all know that in analyzing trends, there is always a small counter trend to the global trend.

Presentation Martin Margiela Essay Example

It seems that MM discreetly tries to reach new customers and to make Its brand more accessible by sharing Its avian-garish vision of fashion. The collaboration with H&M highly increased the brand reputation and the launched of Mom’s perfume “Untitled” (sold In all the big department stores) also popularized the brand while keeping Its rigorists and minimalist reputation.

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