Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

4 April 2015
A discussion on Erving Goffman’s interaction theory.

This paper discusses the theory of ?self-presentation? offered by the famous sociologist Erving Goffman. This theory concerns the behavior of a person in day-to-day interactions. The author provides examples in order to illustrate how the theory applies to real-life situations.
Erving Goffman offers a unique theory of interaction, which has been both highly acclaimed and criticized by other sociologists. While some believe that Goffman has been absolutely accurate in his assumptions that a man usually presents his self in a certain way to others which is often not the real him, there are others who feel that this may offer at some times especially when we met someone new but with our old associates we let go of the fa?ade because they know us well and we do not to pretend in front of them. But the fact remains that a man does often presents himself in a different light when meeting others and often the performance is so convincing that it does not leave any room for doubt or suspicion.

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