Preserving the Joys of Childhood Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Candy bars and cocoas are the small joys of childhood. Even I can state that my childhood life will non be complete without those sweet material. However. there are some kids who are denied the privilege to bask and indulge in those small joys. Those are the kids with diabetes. Here in the Philippines. a batch of kids are enduring from this disease. That is why our authorities is holding its consciousness run against diabetes. And immature as I am. I can state that I can assist our authorities in this enterprise.

What precisely is childhood diabetes? Harmonizing to medical diaries. this type of diabetes is caused by the malfunctioning of the pancreas. and without the pancreas. glucose can non be regulated. That is why kids with diabetes can non devour a batch of sugars and saccharides.

Preserving the Joys of Childhood Essay Sample Essay Example

Diabetess among kids can be prevented. That is why I am making my best to assist our authorities in its consciousness run. But. how? First. I will promote kids to populate a healthy life style. Junk nutrients and softdrinks are decidedly allowed to them. but they should be consumed in moderateness. They should eat more fruits. more veggies. more leafy vegetables. This will assist much since surveies show that kids who are overweight are more prone to diabetes. I will promote them to hold ample physical activity. They should pass more clip playing under the Sun and less clip in forepart of the computing machine.

Second. I will circulate information. I will distribute awareness through societal networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Since a batch of people are utilizing those sites. I can easy scatter my message non merely in our state but throughout the universe.

Pencil and paper are besides our friends in distributing consciousness. That is why they are given unto us: to utilize them for the good of our fellowmen. I will utilize my pen and paper to assist our authorities in their run.

And last. I will be a life testimony. an unfastened epistle. I will be a good function theoretical account. Children’s ears are frequently closed for advice but their eyes are ever unfastened for illustration. I. myself. will populate a healthy life style. eat a alimentary diet. and prosecute in physical activity. In that manner. I can demo that even I am cognizant of the ways to forestall diabetes.

Every disease has a drug. every unwellness. an counterpoison. But. bar is ever better than remedy. There is where we. the young person sector. can assist. We can assist by distributing the government’s consciousness run in our ain. small ways. That is why I am making my best to assist the authorities in their run. I know that through my ain small attempts. I am assisting our state decrease its instances of kids with diabetes. Through my ain little actions. I am giving the kids a opportunity to see their childhood joys.

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