President Jimmy Carter and The Panama Canal Treaties

4 April 2015
The paper talks about the Panama Canal Treaties, why they are important to the U.S. and how we benefit from them. It further examines how President Carter was able to influence the Senate and the American people to get them to support two treaties.
“On September 7, 1977 President Jimmy Carter signed two treaties with Panamanian General Omar Torrijos. The first treaty, known as The Panama Canal Treaty, provided for the slow transfer of the canal and Canal Zone to Panama by December 31, 1999. Both nations under this treaty would work together to make sure that the canal operated efficiently and uninterrupted. The second treaty, known as the Neutrality Treaty, dealt with permanent neutrality and operation of the canal. Critics of The Panama Canal treaty argued that the treaty does not mention what military action the United States can take if the canal was threatened. They also argued that the Neutrality Treaty does not contain a cause for U.S. and Panamanian joint defense. Before the treaty became law it faced a tough battle for passage in the Senate.”
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