Until recently, not very many people believed that exercise makes one look younger than his/her age. Only in the late 20th century till now, physicians strongly advise frequent and consistent exercise. As it increases the life span of the immuned system in the body making one live longer. This has led most people of all ages to consistent exercise.

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No particular gender has been specified to actively participate in any kind of sport. Both males and females should take to exercise for good health and growth.


Most people see exercise as a belief and don’t see disability as a barrier. Exercise, is what many believe is food for the heart. A blind man or a deaf man that believes in exercise does not really see himself drawn back from exercising because he cannot see or hear. Even those on wheelchair do exercise (physical activities). They sometimes wheel themselves around to move from one place to another.


A pregnant woman is often advised to take to occasional exercise to enhance healthy delivery. Exercise makes a stiff pregnant woman flexible. With a lot of difficulties associated with childbirth. A woman feels clumsy during pregnancy, therefore should do exercise to feel less pain during delivery.

Medical condition

No doubt, health institutions have often emphasized how important exercise help inhibit most of these diseases in the human body. One who is consistent to exercise is no doubt a healthy person. Exercise burns down excessive fats in the body making one feel comfortable and healthy. Also consistent exercisers are always be assured of stable healthy conditions.

Exercise techniques

Exercise techniques should be such that it can be easily adhered to and gender friendly. Time should not be spent on designing exercise techniques for both male and female genders separately. For uniformity and general sense of acceptability, everybody should take exercise as a friendly and free vocation and be attracted by the ease with which a particular sport has been designed.

Appropriate sports facilities

This will go a long way

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in preventing injuries in the game of basketball. Basketball is a very physical game (involves plenty of strength). It involves pushing, hard ball contest, jumping and good eye sight for perfect play. Hence, well-polished basketball court surface should be made of wood and not concrete. To prevent a lot of injuries while playing basketball, concrete surfaces should not be used for basketball court since it is a very physical game.

To also prevent a lot of health injuries, basketball should not be played under a terrible temperature condition. Harsh temperature cannot go well with the game of basketball. As well as proper lighting. A good basketball court should be appropriately lighted to prevent blurred vision, since it is a game to do with plenty of sight.

All equipment for the game of basketball should be firmly fixed. Like the rims, the polished wood surface to prevent possible injuries.

Appropriate equipment

Personal equipment in the game of basketball like “steroids” are actually related to the game of basketball. Basketball is a very physical game, for one to get that physical looks, he needs steroids to build him up physically, to enable him match his opponent. This can avoid injury as he cannot be easily knocked down by his opponent.

Appropriate foot wears, sports related clothing

In basketball, a good medium sized trainers (canvass) is used. The sole should be well designed to enable friction with the smooth surface of a well polished floor. This prevents one from slipping down causing heavy injury. Good synthetic jersey tops and tugs. Contest, most times result in push and pull, good jerseys prevent one from falling badly preventing serious injury. Jersey tops should be well designed to allow free movement of the hand and body. Others like the knee guard is used to protect the knee cap from damage when one falls badly with the knee planted to the ground.

According to the NBA (National Basketball Association), directs that when your opponent is with the ball, you allow him arms length to enable him bounce and dribble freely avoiding running into your opponent knocking him down.

 Also, rule like over charging that is, closing your opponent aggressively while he is with the ball. Choking him might get him confused and make him miss his step and fall badly.

Rule like technical foul that is, intentionally and roughly intercepting your opponent from making a basket. It attracts a penalty which is called free throw. In an attempt to make a shot and an aggressive attempt to stop your opponent might result to a bad fall and a subsequent heavy injury, since there is no perfect balance while in  motion or in the air.

 Rule like pushing of opponent while he is with the ball, causing him to fall badly. This result to a foul charge against you. Sometimes you are sent out by the officiating referee.

 Rule which refuses fighting on the court while game is in play. It results to total disqualification.

Most times, it takes experience to almost if not perfectly, to avoid risk of injury in the game of basketball or any sport. Someone who knows the rules of a sport participates without any injury. Enough experience qualifies one to play without any injury. Though it is advisable for one to know the rudiments of the sport before going to participate. A good body build up or a good physique also qualifies one to participate in a sport like basketball. Since it is a physical game, one requires a lot of energy to accommodate the physical challenges that comes in play. Hence one would be at risk if not physically qualified for this game.

To enhance sustainability and quick strength recovery in participating in any sport. Quick and simple medical attention is needed to sustain strength while participating in sports. If first aid treatment is easily made available for sport participants, risk like ineffectiveness would be greatly reduced enhancing performance.

The kind of food a sports man takes goes a long way to affect him in the sport he participates. A good sports man should avoid foods with a lot of fats. Your should know that building up is very different from building up fat. Sports generally requires one to be swift and fast. Fat build ups does not really enhance swiftness rather, makes one dull. Consistency in the kind of food a sports man takes to maintain good physique is really advisable. A good diet to keep sports men in sound health and physical condition should be advised for all sports men.

Water sustains a sports man to keep him on and active. Water is needed to recover strength to effectively participate in sports.

Sports generally is beyond just participating in it. It is also done for satisfaction. Participating in any sport with satisfaction means attaining a good level of physical fitness, which makes one feel good about himself.

A physically fit sport man participates effectively and works to give his best in the sport he participates in.

A good level of physical fitness attained sees a sports participant ready for any sport at any time, maintaining and improving on the expected level of performance.

 A physically fit sports man gears himself towards an outstanding performance and sees no barrier to victory.


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