Out of a countrys health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures. This idea, in most, implies that countrys budget should not be only diverted for treatments, cure, medical support and equipment, but also for health education and staving diseases off. I fully agree with this statement, as the possibility of disease development and infection could be decreased substantially. To begin, health services have played a very measurable role In every society from the early ages.

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Eventually, people always craved for the peak of health care development level, trying to produce best medicaments, to discover new methods of cure. In our days, the mankind makes great leaps to perfection in medical sphere. However, we have a concern: Should countrys health budged be only appropriated for healing or it is better to assign more means for health training and preventative measures? – As for me, the answer is unequivocal. We certainly have to divert more funds for prevention. Undoubtedly, the progress of cure is a prime purpose to succeed.

But, In addition, the competence of people In health sciences will considerably reduce the risk of diseases and peoples malady. For instance, if every human knew and followed hygiene in ancient times, our modern society would be healthier. Certainly, there is an easy thing: It is cheaper to prevent a disease in a little range, than to cure it in masses. To recapitulate In, we have to develop prevention as higher as possible. Governments health budget has to be spent Intelligently, because heath Is the maln thing for human, and the last thing we want to lose.

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