Prevention: The Key to Stress Free Living

4 April 2015
A look at various situational and social approaches to crime prevention.

This paper compares and contrasts the relative merits of situational and social approaches to crime prevention. The writer takes us on an exploratory journey through the definition of each and then illustrates different situations that the approaches could be used for.
“Crime is a topic that can make the most secure person nervous. We work hard and we have homes and the thought of someone invading our safety and security is something that can shake the most stoic amongst us. Crime prevention has become a key focus in recent years and the prevention methods have undergone serious study. Crime prevention can general be divided into two categories, social and situational. Social prevention involves neighborhood groups and other means of societal teamwork while situational prevention is about preventing a crime in one instance through private means and methods. Each approach has a place in today’s society and each approach has merit. The key to the most effective prevention of crime is to understand the approaches and use them at the right time. Crime prevention that involves citizens as well as law enforcement personnel will be the key to a safer future. One of the most important aspects of crime prevention is reducing the opportunity for a crime to be committed.”

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