Pride is Temporary, Pain is Forever

4 April 2015
This is a paper about the horrors of war. It uses examples from the book “Company K” to show how horrific WWI was.

This paper discusses the emotions one feels fighting a war. The author believes that there is not as much pride in fighting a war as there is emotional pain after the war. Included are examples of many war heroes.
“War has a way of bringing out the best and the worst in people. During the build-up for war, a sense of pride and duty swells in the hearts of those involved, especially those going to do the fighting. They feel a sense of duty, like they are making a difference in the world, and sometimes they are. But sometimes, this pride is unfounded, the people involved are not in fact going to make a difference, and they won’t figure this out until the brutal realities are experienced firsthand. These realities have a way of inflicting immeasurable pain in those involved; sometimes this pain is physical and incurable, sometimes the pain is emotional and incurable. The thing that is common is that those involved carry the scars of war long past the signing of a peace treaty, and these scars last much longer than any sense of pride the soldiers once held so dear”.

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