Primus Roars On Stage

8 August 2019

On November 2, hoards of Primus fans patiently awaited the first time Primuswould play at the Marquee Theater. I was expecting a great show from my favoriteband whom I had wanted to see since I purchased their first album, “Suck onThis,” in 1990. That album was a live album. Since then they have released threeother albums and a single, including songs they have redone from other bands,including a song by Pink Floyd. Opening for Primus was a band called TheMelvins whom I was pretty familiar with. They took the stage at about 8: 00. Iwas not really impressed with their performance. It might have been a littlebetter if it weren’t so loud. However this band did have something that I liked,a bass drum that rattled the walls. I really liked that. Primus took thestage at about 9: 15. They opened up with the song “Pudding Time.” The secondthey hit the first note the crowd went into a frenzy. Les Claypool, the bass god,gazed into the crowd and saw the havoc the band had caused. Lerry Lalonde, theguitarist, played incredibly throughout their songs. The drummer, Tim Alexander(better know as Herb), is my favorite drummer around. Watching him left me inawe. Some of the songs they played included “Here They Come,” “John theFisherman,” “Bob,” “Welcome To This World, Mr. Krinkle,” and of course, “JerryWas a Race Car Driver,” and “My Name is Mud.” They played “Mr. Knowitall” and acouple of other songs as encores. If you’re a Primus fan and you havenever seen them live, I strongly advise you to see them as soon as they play inyour area. Primus plays a great live show! This was probably the best concert Ihave ever seen.

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