Princess Diana Conspiracy

One second you’re having the time of your life with your lover, the next minute you’re dead. This is almost exactly what happened with Princess Diana. The full story is that Princess Diana was in a car with her Muslim boyfriend named Dodi Fayed, Dodi’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, and a guy named Henri Paul. She and Dodi had just been staying at a Ritz hotel in Paris when they decided to leave with Henri Paul as their driver. Henri Paul was the head of security at the hotel that they had been staying at.

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As they were driving away they entered a tunnel called the Place de L’Alma. When they entered the tunnel Henri lost control of the vehicle and the car swerved into pillar supporting the roof of the tunnel at an estimated 65 miles per hour. The car then spun and hit the stone wall of the tunnel backwards before finally coming to a stop. The only survivor of the car crash was the body guard of Dodi. Princess Diana, soon to be queen of England, was just an average princess who was involved in politics as well as an Islam man (Dodi) who was the eldest son of a billionaire.

Now as you can imagine, being a princess was not all fun and games. And this is clearly shown in a letter that Princess Diana wrote to a butler that used to work for her. Within this letter was a note which, in summary, said that her husband Prince Charles was planning to kill her in an automobile accident. Remember how Princess Diana died? Car crash. Coincidence? Some think so and some think otherwise. This note Diana wrote is a very strong piece of evidence for the people who believe that she had been murdered.

Within the handwritten note contained a statement reading, “This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous – my husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word. ” How much of a coincidence is it that she died in a car accident? Let me help you understand how common a car accident happening to you is. The risk of dying in a car accident in the United Kingdom is 1 in 20,000.

So would Diana be that 1 in 20,000? The butler had kept this note a secret and a close friend of Princess Diana named Lucia Flecha de Lima says that the butler was easily capable of imitating Diana’s handwriting. Why would Prince Charles want Diana dead? Well there are a couple of reasons, Diana had relations with a Muslim which would not have been good for English royalty. Another reason is that, as said in the letter, Charles wanted to marry Tiggy who was the nanny of another two princes of the U. K.

So, as you can see, Princess Diana was not well-liked by British royalty because she was not doing what the family wanted her to be doing. Another important part of the analysis is to understand that Henri Paul was under the influence of alcohol. The French carried out blood tests that showed Henri’s blood alcohol level was three times the French legal limit. There was evidence that suggested Henri had only consumed two alcoholic drinks that night, but there was other evidence which showed he had drunk a lot more than just two alcoholic drinks.

But, being the head of security, wouldn’t you think that he wanted Princess Diana to be safe? And knowing himself, he would have known that he was drunk. But maybe he wanted Princess Diana to be dead as well? Something very suspicious, but also easily disclaimed, in the case of Princess Diana’s death was a bright flash that was reported by eyewitnesses. The first witness had said that he saw a bright flash in the rearview mirror of the car he had been driving in. This witness’s statements were in conflict with his wife who said that she did not see the flash, but she was not looking through the rearview mirror.

Another point made by French detectives was that the witness had been driving around a difficult bend to get out of the tunnel when he saw the supposed flash. The second witness was an American tourist named Brian Anderson who told detectives he saw a bright flash coming from the tunnel too. There were also other eyewitnesses who reported a bright flash but there also several witness who would have been expected to have seen a blinding flash but they said nothing of the sort. The Royal Family would certainly have enough money to pay these witnesses off, but who’s to say that there was no bright flash?

Moreover, contributing to the conspiracy of Princess Diana’s death was that there was an absence of images from fourteen cameras that had been in the tunnel, yet none have recorded footage of the fatal collision. This contributes to the conspiracy because there was an absence of fourteen recordings of the night Diana died. This is cited evidence of an organized conspiracy. On the other hand, all of the cameras had been pointing towards buildings. So there would not have been any recorded footage of the crash because they were not even facing where the accident occurred.

In one case of a camera it was above the underpass and would have shown the accident happening, but the department that owned the camera had closed the night before a few hours before the accident happened so there were no made recordings. Furthermore, a man named Richard Tomlinson who was an MI6 agent reported that Henri Paul was working for MI6 as well as Dodi’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones. MI6 is, essentially, the FBI of Britain. Richard had said that MI6 was watching over Diana before her death and that her death had mirrored plans he saw for a 1992 assassination of the president of Serbia which required using a light to blind the driver.

This claim was later discredited and Tomlinson was eventually arrested by French authorities, not before they found other evidence that there were some evidence of surveillance of Diana from phone calls. Needless to say, it is easy to delete information and evidence. But it is also weird for an intelligence agency called MI6 to kill their own future queen. All of Tomlinson’s claims were later discredited by evidence the French police “found”. A final claim in this analysis of Princess Diana’s death is that a car had hit the car that Princess Diana had been in causing it to swerve and thereby crash into the side of the tunnel.

It was later found out that a French journalist named Jean-Paul Andanson had owned the car that left traces of paint on Diana’s car. But the finding of Jean-Paul Andanson as the driver of the car that had left traces on Diana’s car was later found out to be false because Jean-Paul was at his home at the time of the crash. You might think, “oh well I guess he was not the driver of the vehicle that had hit Diana’s car”, but how easy it for French authorities to cover up James Andanson’s hitting of Diana’s car? Very easy.

Something that goes along with this claim is that James Andanson committed “suicide” just a few months after Princess Diana’s death. His body was found in a black, burned up BMW in a forest south of Paris with the doors locked and no sign of the car keys. Andanson’s relatives and close friends all were interviewed only to find out that he had been talking about suicide long before Princess Diana died. When the investigators looked at the scene of Andanson’s suicide they found out that his head decapitated and was on the floor between the two front seats.

Not only this, but there was a hole in his left temple which was supposedly caused by the fire than a bullet. Contributing to this already strange claim, was the fact that Andanson had just been offered a new job and his family all thought that he was in high spirits. His family actually ended up trying to get French officials to conduct a murder investigation into his death but they never did. As you can see, there is a lot of evidence that points to the fact that Princess Diana’s death was not accidental. But there is a lot of evidence that disproves the claims of her murder.

It was a weird scenario and nobody will ever know what actually happened to Diana because there are good arguments from both sides of the claims. From a letter that Diana wrote herself, to a man who supposedly committed suicide in his car through intense heat but somehow his head came off his body with a hole in it. This conspiracy is very suspicious and there are other claims that I did not talk about which also point to Diana being murdered. All in all, it’s up to you to decide how she died and what claims or evidence to believe.

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