Principles of implementing duty of care in health

10 October 2016

Principles of implementing duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young peoples setting. – As a support worker I have a duty of care to ensure all our young people are safe. To encourage them to be healthy and achieve as much as possible. Also to make a positive contribution. My duty of care is also to keep all young peoples information confidental. – It is my duty of care to do what is necessary to safeguard and promote the welfare of our young people. It is essential I promote good health and take the correct procedures when a young person is ill.

Their behaviours must be managed effectively and appropriately to their individual needs. – A potential problem could be not receiving the support I require to maintain my duty of care. It is essential that all of the staff team are delivering a consistent high standard duty of care. If this is not the case then young person’s development could easily be affected. Another issues that may arise could be the sharing of a young person’s information. As we must keep all informatio confidental, sometimes you could have a dilemma on your hands. It is important that the young people’s safety is balance with opportunties for the children and young people.

Principles of implementing duty of care in health Essay Example

This to let them have the freedom to explore and take risks for themselves. A home that is appropriately safe and secure should have opportunties inside and outside the house for the young people, this will encourage them to have a varity of options to choose. – I can get addition support and advice for an issues from my registered home manager or the senior that may be on call. There is also contact details for social services and health services should it be necessary to seek their advice. If I were to receive a complaint I would follow the companies complaints procedure. If it was within my authority to deal with the complaint, I would do what was necessary to resolve the complaint. If I was unable to resolve the complaint the young person would have the opportunity to fill in a complaint for, which is located in a community area of the home. They can fill this in, with help from staff if necessary and address it to the home manager. – The main points that should be use in responding to a complaint is to show the young person that you are listening and assure them you understand if possible.

To come across very calm and reassure them to aviod escalation. Try your best to resolve the problem there and then. – The first step of making a complaint I would report the problem to a senior or home manager if avaliable. If I were not happy with the outcome I have a right to take the complaint further to the locality manager. If I were still not happy, the regional director is avaliable too. If the problem required me getting a representative from the union involved, this could be avaliable to me. Raising little concerns in my supervisions is an option.

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