Principles Ofpersonal Developement in Adult Social Care Settings

10 October 2016

Reflective practices are when you review your own actions and experiences in your role, critically and constructively, with the intention of improving the way you conduct yourself The aim being to provide a better service in the future and personal improvement. 1. 2 Reflective practice is important in as much that it enables me to review real life situations I have been in, how I dealt with them, how I felt and the outcome of how I acted towards others all these will enable me to improve personally and improve the service I provide. . 3 Standards that are set, whether by Government or regulatory bodies are the level we should hope to achieve or improve on when conducting reflective practices. 1. 4 Your own values, beliefs and experiences can either work for or against you, it is important in a professional environment to have a balanced and neutral view on all situations. If you can’t take yourself away from the situation you could for example get yourself in trouble by just not understanding a cultural difference.

On a positive side your own personal experience may help to resolve a developing problem. 2. 1 Some people may react badly and see it as a criticism and become resentful, others will see if for what it is and take it on board improving themselves and therefore provide a better level of care. 2. 2 Feedback is a good way to find out how you are performing in your role, it will also indicate where you may need to improve. It can also raise self-esteem and improve staff moral as well as improve the service to the client. . 3 It is important to use feedback positively to improve yourself in your chosen role as the advice given is normally good and helps you see things that you do well and what you may need to do to improve in order to provide a better service to your clients and may well help you to understand better what is expected of you. 3. 1 A personal development plan will give you an overview of your objectives, what position you are in now, what your strengths are and what areas need to improve to achieve your goals.

Principles Ofpersonal Developement in Adult Social Care Settings Essay Example

It should also list who can help you locally, what qualification you may need and how to obtain them (what organisation can help), an action plan with a time scale. 3. 2 Sources of support could be your Matron, senior nurses, colleagues, job centres other support services, the first 3 would probably be on a more regular basis. 3. 3 Others can help you to review the position you are in now and what you may need to do to improve yourself in order to improve your position this could e your matron who can do appraisals, a senior nurse who may do an assessment or it could be an informal view from a colleague who may be able to constructively observe areas of you development. You could also do self- reviewing and assessments. 3. 4 A PDP helps you to map progress to your aims, and keeps track of your progress, it also helps you to reflect on your achievements with a critical eye and can aid growth in confidence and development.

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