Prior of Marketting Strategies Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad had used Facebook as one of the selling and promotional scheme. It had been used to update the latest information of the company. new publicity. and description of the film or play that will demo on. Prior of 15 October 2012. they had launched legion promotional and selling schemes for illustration adding new channel. roadshow and Free HD upgrade plus two months free Broadband and Astro Super Pack rebates. On October 2012. Astro posted that it will add KBS World HD on Astro Channel 392 get downing on 15 October 2012. KB World HD is a Korean Television Channel which will be provided 24 hours by Astro to their clients. The channel provides News and Magazine Shows. Cultural and Documentary programmes. latest Drama series produced by KBS and Music and Variety Shows. This channel allows the clients acquiring the latest Korean intelligence. This channel broadcast in Korean linguistic communication and substitles are available in English ( over 80 % of all plans ) . Chinese ( 15 % ) and Bahasa Malaysia ( Over 5 % ) .

This Channel besides can be view in SD on Channel 391. By adding this Korean new channel. it has 91 people like the position and about 13 people portion this intelligence. Most of the facebook’s followings were really happy to hear about the new channel. However. some of the people trusting that Astro can supply more other states channel. In the yesteryear. Astro had hold a batch of roadshow. It will besides hold astro circle on 3rd and 4th November at AEON Ipoh Station 18. Ipoh and 24th and 25th November at AEON Bukit Tinngi. Klang. For the anterior 15 October. a successful astro circle has been hold on 8th and 9th September from 10am and 10pm at Highstreet 1 Utama Shopping Centre. Based on the remarks received from participants. it showed that the participants enjoyed the event. This Information was posted on 7th. 8th and 9th September on its facebook web site.

From these three stations. it has received more than 80 people like and three people portion this information. In order to go to this activity. the participants must convey along latest Astro measure to register so that they can acquire a enigma gift and a opportunity to win a 3D2N Singapore trip inclusive of return flights and adjustment. Promotion of Free HD upgrade plus two months free Broadband and Astro Super Pack rebates has been posted on Facebook get downing on 12th October. By singing up this programme. clients can pay broadband and Astro TV measure at the same times alternatively of different measures. Besides. this publicity had given a opportunity to the clients to salvage of up to RM 300 a twelvemonth on the subscription. The broadband service is 10 mbps of High Speed Fiber Broadband to let clients to watch High Defination Movies and Sports at a high velocity. This service charge is on RM 248 nett. This position has received about 90 people like. However. this publicity did non look to have a great response from the clients. Most of the clients commented that this publicity is expensive and the service is excessively slow for them. Furthermore. some clients who has signed up and put in this service had complained that they can non utilize the service due to the dislocation of the waiter.

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