Private Investigations

2 February 2017

Private investigators can specialized in many areas of the criminal justice fields. Some of the positions are crimes against children or elderly, civil, and crimes against property. The investigations mostly private investigators carry out are observation of a suspect and conduct searches. So it goes with surveillance these days, which video cameras played a key role in identifying a perpetrator committing a crime. In any case, most surveillance involves someone before or after an action has done.

Watching people, places and things may not be exciting, but it is a necessary component of many criminal investigations. For example, as military personnel in Iraq 2003, our infantry companies have conducting a lot of surveillance in the Bagdad areas which was useful from preventing assaults and other terrorist act. The key to successful surveillance is planning. Experience is needed to conduct proper surveillance. In other cases, such as background checks, private investigators interview people to gather information. In other complete research the ideas are private investigation has become technology enhanced.

Private Investigations Essay Example

By this I mean its taken advantage of the computer age in no uncertain manner with many investigations conducted online. If you have computer experience and knowledge then great, but a course in computer science would be most advantageous. Computer science courses are available just about anywhere and even if you take the basics then you are probably ahead of the opposition. http://searchwarp. com/swa136069. htm Private investigators must posses a variety and range of skills. As I previously said, private investigators needs only to locate prospective evidence and then leaves it to the trained technician to process it.

Private investigators work for lawyers, insurance companies, banks, and private customers to gather information for court cases, claims, or for the client’s personal reasons. Bodyguards, also known as personal protection specialists, provide security for corporate and private clients. In some position that private investigators can work are investigating fraud, background investigation, finding evidence to keep an innocent person out of jail, finding missing persons, and solving crimes. (Lyman Michael, 2008) As a rivate investigator, the most appealing job position would be finding missing persons.

To find a missing person it can be very challenging. In the investigations a technical surveillance must done, forensic lab testing, DNA testing, Polygraph or Lie Detection Services, and undercover covert investigations. Legal investigators specialize in cases involving the courts and are normally employed by law firms or lawyers. They frequently assist in preparing criminal defenses, locating witnesses, serving legal documents, interviewing police and prospective witnesses, and gathering and reviewing evidence.

Today, investigators with a fundamental knowledge of how to identify, preserve, and collect DNA evidence properly can solve cases in many ways. (Becker Ronald, 2000) In conclusion private investigator jobs are to collect information and protect the property and other assets of companies and individuals.

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