Private results Inc. founded in 2003, has quickly become the leader in the home health testing market by providing customers with FDA approved and cleared at home tests is launching a new affiliate program with commission Junction as our partner increasing sales by 6.7 percent using which will enlist the help of performance marketing experts at value click Inc. company.

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CJ Vantage drives subscriptions and reinforces its brand on the Internet.’s expertise in performance marketing to drive qualified referrals to its website while supporting our company’s reputation.

Our reputation for first class customer services has earned us a “Five Star” Retailer rating all year round with a certification by Yahoo as a result of consistency positive feedback from our customers. Maintaining corporate offices in Palo Alto, California, and with the addition of new tests to our product line, which is based upon the needs and research requests brought to us by people who want greater participation in their health care. We feel strongly about the concept of preventive medicine at Private Results.

For the reason of we offer direct access to state-of-the art, easy to use, home tests. Valueclick Media provides brand advertising and direct marketing solutions for advertising, agencies and publishers.

Through its ValueClick brand, ValueClick Direct,ValueClick Search and Web Client groups, ValueClick Media offers marketers a wide variety of distribution methods, including Web-based advertising, co-registration, pay-per click search, and a variety of e-mail marketing options. Included in ValueClick is, which is a leading global provider of on-line comparison-shopping services. provides technology and services, which help advertisers; agencies and publishers manage their on-line advertising permission-based email campaigns. In addition, provides the AdVault suite of software and services that help advertising agencies, and other companies operate their businesses more efficiently through agency management, media management, and lastly content management solutions.

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