2 February 2017

Pro-Choice Hillary Clinton once said, “I have met thousands and thousands of pro-choice men and women.

I have never met anyone who is pro-abortion. ” This means that even though pro-choice people don’t want to completely rid the world of abortion, they still don’t necessarily like it. Morally, abortion is wrong but at the same time the choice should still be available to those who choose not to be pregnant in their present moment in time. It is a right to be able to choose for yourself what you want to with your life, and that’s what choosing to have an abortion is.The right to your choice should not be able to be taken away by strict enforcers of The Bible or morality. Before abortion can be completely stopped all factors must be considered because every person and their story is different; so knowing why every person would want an abortion is near impossible. It’s easy to simply declare abortion wrong and move on without giving it any thought.

Pro-Choice Essay Example

For these reason the option of abortion should be left open because ultimately opinions come into play on what may be right and wrong. As people don’t want to consider, raising a child takes more than just love.A person must be set up financially to raise a child, but if they’re not then that child’s quality of life won’t be very good. A child needs to be stable in a home, care free to all that is around him, not worried about challenges of the family. When children are brought up in these unprepared homes their chances of becoming a statistic increases, as in getting caught with the wrong crowds and doing things they shouldn’t be. This will not always be the case but many times it is and when this done happen it has affects on a larger scale.Abortions and crime are suggested to be directly proportional.

A BBC News article reported that “each 10% rise in terminations led to a one percent drop in crime years later. ” Any correctional program set up will hurt the community. For every child that chooses the wrong path, more of the community’s efforts and funds will be focused on making the community safer by controlling these children. Another factor to consider when debating over the topic of abortion is rape. There isn’t a large number of pregnancies due to rape. According to statistical reporting, there are no more than one or two pregnancies resultant from every 1,000 forcible rapes (Willke),” but for those who do end up in this position, how fair is it to them? Without the option of abortion this select group of women will be forced to put their life on hold and give life to what they could possibly see as a burden or constant reminder of their traumatic experience. Given the chance each of these women won’t get an abortion, but whose place is it to tell them that they can’t make that decision? Haven’t they already been through enough?Systems such as foster care and adoption are available.

There is no reason to abort children when foster care and adoption agencies are available to care for your child. They are set up to provide for children and give them what you may not be able to provide. Foster care and adoption saves lives, kids who probably would have been eternally silenced now have a chance at life and that’s how The Bible say things should be. Why should any baby be killed when foster care and adoption agencies will take care of them? With more options than just killing the babies, abortion should not be a primary solution.Yes, foster care and adoption are available and will assist in some of the problem. Those individuals fortunate enough to prosper through these systems will be okay, but what happens to the kids who face problems through these systems such as sexual abuse, violence, and aging-out of foster care? “Today more than one million children are in foster care in the united state, double the number of children in foster care in the mid-80s. (Nakyanzi)”

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