Pro Imperialism

1 January 2017

Pro Imperialism First of all, history is survival of the fittest. Basically history of mankind is of stronger people subduing weaker people. We must annex territory otherwise it is in jeopardy of Spanish colonial rule. If we do not annex foreign land someone else will. Cuba is our neighbor. It is a stone’s throw away from the State of Florida. Is it right to ignore the plight of the people of Cuba? They have been fighting for their freedom and independence almost continuously since 1878. The Spanish Empire has committed many unspeakable acts on this island since the fighting began.

The Spanish Empire is mistreating our neighbors in Cuba. It is well within our Monroe Doctrine tradition to ask that Spain give up the control of Cuba so that the United States would maintain the proper sphere of influence in the Western Hemisphere. Cuban refugees in South Florida can tell us firsthand how terrible it is to live under the yoke of Spanish rule.

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We, Americans, must help the Cubans so that they can enjoy their freedom. I prefer that America be their protector instead of a ruthless European nation. Besides, having an oversea territory or two will expand our markets.

Almost every European power has an oversea colony or two for their economic benefits. Why can’t the United States have one, too? I am not worried about being called ‘hypocrites. ’  The point is that America should not let opportunities slip away when she has a chance to own a territory overseas. When we possess those territories, American goods can be sold there. It’s a win-win situation for all involved. Hawaii and the United States entered into a friendly treaty back in 1875. The agreement was that we buy their sugar without tariff. In exchange, we would have the right to Pearl Harbor.

This agreement worked well for both of us. But since 1875, the government leadership in the Hawaiian Kingdom changed. The new queen was not friendly toward the interests of the United States, and it was deemed more appropriate to help the Hawaiians become a republic. And, we did help them become an independent republic in 1893. Now, we’re involved in a possible conflict with Spain. It is possible that we might engage in an epic naval battle with the Spanish fleet in the Philippines. Hawaiian Islands provide us with the perfect coal station for our Navy and supply ships on the way to the Philippines.

It is in America’s best interest to annex Hawaii as soon as possible. If we do not act quickly, the British might annex Hawaii. There’s no time to waste. The Filipinos have been fighting against the Spanish rule for some time now. Are we going to help them achieve their independence from Spanish rule? If we deem that they’d be better of being independent, we will assist them. But, if we deem that they’d benefit from being annexed, we might go ahead and add the Philippines to our oversea possessions. Like with the Hawaiians, the Filipinos will benefit from the Christianization of their islands.

With the influx of American values, cultures, and language, we will be doing any country annexed a favor by allowing them into our nations cultural and economic prosperity. Anti-Imperialism America must not be looking for monsters to slay in the world. I am worried that America might become an overbearing power to our Latin neighbors in the future with this precedence in Cuba. What about Hawaii and the Philippines? These island nations are not in the Western Hemisphere, and yet, we are looking into possible annexation.

I am afraid that America’s insatiable thirst for territories overseas will make us a monster to other nations. I must warn you that the justice must be foundation of an enduring peace in the world. If we only focus on our best interests, we are not being just toward other nations. I must ask if the Hawaiians in Hawaii felt it was in the best of the Hawaiians to have their country be annexed to the United States. In addition, by annexing the Philippines are we going to help them achieve their independence from Spanish rule? Or, are we going there to replace the Spanish in order to rule the Filipinos?

As I mentioned before justice is the founding of long lasting peace. If the Hawaiians feel violated unjustifiably by us, they will resent us for years to come. There won’t be a lasting peace between the United States and the people of Hawaii. I am opposing the idea of annexing oversea countries against their will. Besides, is America going to admit Hawaii and the Philippines to the Union as a state? Conquering people overseas against their will is morally untenable. It’s creating lots of bad karma. In the long run, we will be sorry.

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