Pro Pain

1 January 2019

I have spent a good part of my time as any high school student has contemplating what my future holds. Ultimately, I know the choice is up to me, which is why I’ve decided over everything else, I would like to become a successful salesman of propane and propane accessories.

Academically to prepare to fulfill my long sought after goals, I have taken advanced math classes as a high schooler to prepare for the onslaught of math expected in any sales position, and in college I plan to take even more math classes to further expand my mathematical skills. I’m also currently enrolled in an advanced physics which will hopefully give me the tools i need to learn the ins and outs of propane.

Pro Pain Essay Example

Of course, selling propane and propane accessories is not just about mathematics and physics. It is about the customer which is why i am in an advanced economics class to learn more of the sales side of being a salesman. Also I’m in theatre to become less shy and able to speak more confidently in front of strangers, which will be necessary if I want to close with a client.
I understand that if i want to be a successful salesman I must convince the interested consumer that they need my propane and propane accessories; not only that, but i must convince them that I am the salesman to buy from. I must show them that I will provide better service and a better product. To better my personal interaction abilities, I spend as much of my free time as i can in public socializing. I have tried to learn as much as possible regarding human body language and how people interact. I will be able to tell if a customer is interested, and what selling points I need to focus on in order to reel the customer in.

As for my future at your university, i will major in sales taking whatever classes are the most challenging so Ican become an even better salesman than the guy at the propane store next door. I will minor in chemical engineering to ensure I’ll be responsible near the tanks, and to expand my mind in general. Hopefully all of this will set me apart from the other propane salesman applicees.

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