Pro-Slavery Argument by Southerners

7 July 2016

The main issue in America politics during the years of the late 1840’s to the late 1870’s was slavery. Southerners wanted to keep the tradition of slave labor alive, and were justifying slavery in any way possible; issue of slavery was a continuing debate in the 1800’s. James Henry Hammond, John C. Calhoun, and William Joseph Harper were some of the men most famous for propagating the pro-slavery argument. Slavery was the economic foundation in the southern states during the 1800’s.

The defenders of slavery in the south had several arguments that they used to rationalize slavery. One argument was that ending slavery would destroy the economy in the south. Another pro-slavery argument was that slavery was a natural state of mankind since it has existed throughout history. The southern states to this day are the agricultural surplus for all of the United States crop production. For centuries, slaves were the most efficient and cheapest way to produce and harvest crops.

The economic and political advantages of slaves are what ultimately allowed southern citizens to survive. During the late 1830s through early 1860s, the pro-slavery argument was at its strongest (“The Proslavery Argument”). After the Civil War, freed slaves often returned back to plantations in search of money, because they did not have the resources to continue. If slavery was not abolished they would remain as property of the owner and would not have starved or been forced to work in low paying jobs.

Even though they did not have the best living and working conditions, they at least were given enough to survive. While I agree slavery is an ill moral, the concept of slavery is an economic plus. Furthermore in 1837, John C. Calhoun gave a speech promoting the “positive good” outcomes of slavery while also declaring slavery was “instead of an evil, a good – a positive good” (“The Pro-slavery Argument”). Today, top nations exploit third world countries resources and economic stability due to the fact they are unable function without exporting.

Countries such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, and most countries in Africa, exploit children and women to produce factory goods for little or no money. With that process occurring, China is expanding and will possibly become one of the next top super nations. Chinas explorations of its citizens allowed the countries expansions, which will ultimately develop the country just like the United States. While Africa’s resources, such as precious metals, are being metaphorically robbed by other nations.

Countries will buy their resources for almost nothing, while they are being produced by low paying workers. Although the top nations have abolished slavery, they still manipulate the countries that use slavery. This process allows countries to outsource their money in return of large profits. “Southern pro-slavery theorists asserted that slavery eliminated this problem by elevating all free people to the status of “citizen”, and removing the landless poor (the “mudsill”) from the political process entirely by means of enslavement” (“The Pro-slavery Argument”).

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