Problem of Indiscipline in School

7 July 2017

The problems of indiscipline in SMS Atman Juror Jay (1) Discipline is referred simply to a way of training someone so that they learn to obey the rules and learn to distinguish right from wrong. The indiscipline cases in our school are on the rise. There were approximately 480 cases of indiscipline in our school last year. In many cases, the offenses were committed by the same group of students. Truancy topped the list of in discipline cases. There were 150 cases of students playing truant.

This was followed by the impoliteness’s which were 130 cases in schools. Next is smoking. There were 100 cases of students smoking in the school compound. Gambling and extortion were the last two that had 50 cases each. Indiscipline is a very serious case in our society. However, to eradicate the indiscipline cases, first we must find out the causes of it. There are reasons why students are lack of discipline. Parent’s nowadays are always busying working and when both parent’s are working, children come home to empty houses after school.

With no parent’s or adults to teach and nurture children when they return home, children feel neglected and bored and engage in unhealthy activities. In addition, peer pressure is another factor of indiscipline. Students tend to follow their friends rather than families members during their pubescent. Therefore, it a student mix with the bad company, he or she will also be influenced by them. The influence of mass media can also be the reason for this.

Mass media such as VS., DVD, internet, magazine, television, radio and others are things can be easily get. Students are also exposed to all these mass media. Some of these mass media are transmitting the wrong and unhealthy message that can produce impacts over students’ thinking and actions. For example, if an idol loves to smoke and often smoking, students will mimic that idol and start smoking too. Besides, the rules in school have lacked of enforcements. Teachers are burdened with many things, they barely enough time to instill values.

And also most of the schools are only care about the students’ academic, so the teachers never really instill discipline in student; sometimes the school authorities even change the subject of moral to other subject. Moreover, there have been more and more cases where teachers try to instill discipline in students but have been threatened and attacked. Due to this, teachers ND school authorities prefer to take the easy way out by ignoring everything. What is even worst is when the school authorities know what is going on but choose to sweep cases of indiscipline under the carpet to avoid negative publicity and to protect the image of school.

The rise in the number of indiscipline cases in our school has caused the school authorities to come up with measures to redress this situation. One of the ways is children do not fall prey to undesirable influences. Parent’s must also take note about the kind of company their children keep. In the other hand, guidance in dealing with rubble teenagers must be given to parent’s to manage, so that they can deal with their problem children. To prevent increasing cases of indiscipline, parent must take their responsibility to McCollum their kid’s characters since young.

But if parent’s cannot discipline their kids, they should enlist the help of the police. Motivational talks for parent’s and students can also be hold frequently to improve the relationship between parent’s and children. Children’s confidence will be improved and children will also be more optimistic. Counseling session for problem students is also very important. A good counselor can be invited to school to counsel the students. Furthermore, teachers in school must also instill discipline and emphasis on discipline and moral.

School authorities should set effective school rules so that the students will not dare to violate the rules in school. Students should be urged to participate in co-curricular activities that can instill values. Students not only learn things from these activities but also fill their time with something more beneficial to them rather than loitering around or staying at home do nothing. The public co-operation in reporting cases of indiscipline will help to control the problem f indiscipline.

The school authorities must work hand in hand with parent’s, the teachers and the public to overcome the problem of indiscipline in our school. If children receive adequate and appropriate discipline both at home and in the school they should grow up into law-abiding members of society. They will then avoid unpleasant adult versions of discipline, such as being fined by courts or put in prison. The discipline imposed on them in their early lives will help them to lead better lives, better nation and surely an indication of the importance of discipline in a child’s life.

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