Problematics and Solutions of a Gendered Masculinity

4 April 2015
This paper examines the problems of masculinity in society and how to reform.

This paper looks at the problems that arise from a male’s sense of extreme masculinity. The author discusses how society influences male behavior, and how people need to become aware of gendered masculinity, and educate adolescents about the roles of the sexes.
Without this understanding of the gendered male, it becomes nearly impossible for a person to value change as a worthwhile endeavor. Masculinity, as a historical and social construct, is only subject to substantial change through intentional means. These means can only come about through a certain level of consciousness. An awareness of a gendered masculinity and the problematics associated with its obtainment, as well as the desire to change it are all necessary agents in the process of social change. As men become gender aware, they can use their considerable social power to work in the opposite direction, toward positive social change.”
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