Problems of Karachi

12 December 2017

Pillion Riding Ban: Pillion riding ban was imposed for 3 days last year in November which is still imposed. It has greatly increased the problems for the citizens and they are forced to travel in rickshaws, busses and taxies unwillingly paying unfair demanded fares. Knowing the problem that they cannot travel on bikes, drivers and bus conductors ultimately demand unfair fares and rents to their destination and due to which they often misbehave with passengers knowing that they (citizens) do not have any other option for travel.Besides the demand of unfair fare, other hitch is the increasing berry and looting in busses. It Is becoming the usual that armed robbers get in the busses, rob people without any hesitation and then get off from the bus at the next stop, no prominent cure Is provided for this problem.

New fashion of transport strike (wheel Jam) Is Increasing and It Is not wrong to say that these strikes are being backed by the political party and mostly strikes are called for political motives. Yes! The motives are political but citizens suffer.A person who is earning on a daily basis won’t be able to earn because transport is not available due o strike and cannot travel on a bike along with his friend because there is a ban on pillion riding In the city and the same goes for the students and citizens from all walks of life. Citizens, who were caught doing pillion ridings for some reasons, were caught and convicted In police stations and then later on released on ball. Youngsters and students suffered the most from this as they were forcefully criminality and convicted to the lockups of local police stations with handcuffs on.Literate citizens of Karachi especially youngsters and students are treated as repossession criminals In the name of pillion riding and by convicting and locking them up, Impression Is given that the citizens Including youngsters and students are professional criminals. Instead of terrorists, murderers and robbers, police lockups seem to be filled with literate citizens.

Few days ago, a student of LSI year (intermediate apart) missed his exam when he was getting towards his examination center at jugular e hajji on a bike along with his brother and he was caught and convicted for pillion riding and missed hisArtificial Load shedding Another core issue of Karachi is the lack of electricity, which is mostly an artificial crisis increasing the problems of the citizens and frustrating them. Karachi being an economical hub with thousands of industries and factories, traders and businessmen all over the city is suffering due to the lack of electricity as load shedding is being done during working hours due to which the economy of city is getting down rapidly. Persons responsible for the artificial load shedding should know that Karachi is airing 68% of the total revenue of Pakistan. Enmity with Karachi is enmity with Pakistan and its economy.Not only traders and business man are suffering but citizens from all walks of life are suffering due to artificial load shedding especially students. Nowadays there are examinations of all boards underway including Intermediate, Post and Pre Graduate and students are suffering from long lasting load shedding and their studies and examination preparations are suffering greatly. Besides all these prominent problems due to load shedding there are many domestic robbers occurring which are becoming the cause of mental torture for citizens which is increasing the frustration among the citizens.

In this extremely hot weather, lack of electricity is increasing. The lack of water and water supply in domestic and industrial areas is being affected, further increasing the problems of city and citizens. The related officials are being silent and careless, with regards to the artificial crisis. It is a clear indication that this artificial crisis has some reason and might be a part of political feud from which citizens are suffering.In this regard, City council Naif City Nazism and City Nazism extended their hands towards EKES and offered them that they are ready to cooperate on any thing for the solution of the crisis but EKES officials did not respond to the offer, may be due to political pressures. Land Grabbing Land grabbing is another issue that is creating a fuss and disturbance in the city. Land mafia seems to be very powerful with complete political backing, taking away the lands owned by citizens and also government’s land.

No one can dare to resist them as they are heavily armed and have political backing.Different gangs of land mafia clashing with each other disturbing the peace of city and if someone tries to resist, mafia excellently give it the ethnic color. It is right to say that these land grabbers and land mafia are using the ethnic excuse to create a fuss in a city and are responsible for the ethnic tension in the city. This entire circle of land mafia, politicians and officials of law enforcement agency are responsible for the ethnic rifts in the city in order to save the illegal lands. DRUGS: Use of drugs is increasing in the city and good number of youth is being targeted by rug mafia.In Karachi, some 2 million youth and children are at the risk of drug addiction, as prevalence of drug addiction in very high in this mega city. A Karachi- based MONGO working on the issues of street children and youth reported to a reputable news agency (The Nation) that in Karachi over two million youth are addicted, and rest of the youth and children are at also at a high risk of drug addiction, as drug trafficking is prevailing in every part of the city.

In Karachi the main addiction is of Hashish, because this drug is easily available at every nook andParr Gang, Exam Bassist, Frontier Colon, Qaeda Bad, Chancre’s Goth, Dhobi Chat and Mans near Icemaker, Mummer Faro Colony, Mango Per, SITE, Microfarad Colony, Bill Colony, Aphelia Goth, Anta Khan Goth and Bait Colony. Drug mafia also seems to be operating with a political backing and law enforcement agencies have failed to stop the rapid growth of the drug trafficking in city. Drug mafia also has taken the ethnic cover and under the ethnic cover their drug business is flourishing with the backing of some personals of law enforcement agency and some prominent political figures.

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