Problems with Obama care

Obama Care offers a number of protections and benefits to all Americans. Along with the 10 essential health benefits authorized by Obama Care, additional benefits range from slowly taking away pre-existing conditions to expanding health services. However, there are multiple problems with ObamaCare that Americans can’t stop talking about. Although Obama Care allows tens of millions of uninsured Americans get access to affordable health insurance, it also means there will be new taxes.

Most of the new taxes are on individuals making over $200,000 and families making over $250,000, large businesses with over 50 full-time equivalent employees making over $250,000, and industries that profit from healthcare. Some major complaints from Americans is that the taxes are unfair to the young middle class, according to the Matthew Fleischer of the Los Angeles Times. “Most young, middle-class Americans I know are happy that millions of previously uninsured people will receive free or heavily subsidized insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

We just didn’t realize that we’d be the ones paying for it,” Fleischer said in the article. Another issue with ObamaCare is maternity care. The Affordable Care Act mandates that all plans cover women having babies. Plenty of reviewers have since argued it’s unfair to make insurers cover maternity care. Lori Gottlieb from The New York Times said, “The idea that they think that 50-year-olds should have maternity care is very concerning to me. ” According the article on The Atlantic, Harvard economist Greg Mankiw stated, “Having children is more a choice than a random act of nature.

People who drive a new Porsche pay more for car insurance than those who drive an old Chevy. Why isn’t having children viewed in the same way? ” Americans are also having problems with the ObamaCare website according to CNN. com. Tami Luhby stated that Americans are having a tough time signing onto the Obamacare websites, even three weeks after the exchanges opened. Many are not happy with what they are discovering once they manage to get in. One of the major complaints of Obamacare includes the trouble getting onto the healthcare. gov.

Healthcare. gov is the federal exchange that’s handling enrollment for 36 states. While others are stuck waiting on the “load” screen, others just simply get an “error” message. The federal and state exchanges are both working to fix the problems. “We are seeing progress: wait times to begin the online process have been virtually eliminated, and more consumers are creating accounts, completing applications and ultimately enrolling in coverage,” spokeswoman for the Federal Department of Health and Human services Joanne Peters stated.

People have until December 15 to sign up for coverage that begins January 1, so hopefully all the bugs will be fixed before then. Another major complaint of Obamacare is people claiming that their information is not right. Some insurers are saying the applications they are getting from the exchanges are riddled with errors. Some contain duplicates with the same person signing up for different plans, and others are missing full names or numbers. Insurers are forced to contact the applicants to verify the information.

As of now, there are only a small number of enrollees according to Allan Einboden, the insurer’s chief executive, but he has concerns of what will come when the flow picks up. “We’re glad we haven’t had tremendous volume because we wouldn’t have wanted to handle all that manually,” Einboden said. Administration declares they are working with insurers to address problems as they come up. An additional issue that is questioned by Americans looking into Obamacare is why it is called the “Affordable” Care Act. Because the Obamacare plans are more comprehensive, premium prices are soaring.

One North Carolina woman said, “Obamacare is a nightmare for my family,” after she learned her current $267 plan was being canceled. The cheapest option for her family was $750 a month. Also, several people with employer-sponsored insurance are claiming their premiums are going up for 2014, which they blame on Obamacare. Companies are also changing their plans because of it. Health reform is contributing to higher premiums and plan changes. But Obamacare, which is imposing new fees on companies and insurers starting in 2014, is not the driving factor, experts say.

Health care costs are rising because the economy is improving so people are going to the doctor more. Americans all over the nation are suffering and have been for the past 5 years. Although, ObamaCare didn’t cause the recession, people are saying it is not helping. After Yolanda Vestel, an average American, sent Obama a letter with her concerns with ObamaCare, it quickly went viral on a popular social network. In the letter Yolanda said, “I have a lot of concerns about the new “Obamacare” along with the taxes being forced on us Americans and debts you are adding to our country.

” Yolanda then went on with a series of questions which included, “Have you ever sat and watched your children eat and you eat what was left on their plates when they were done, because there wasn’t enough for you to eat to? I have. ” Yolanda then ended her letter with, “So thank you Mr. President, thank you for pushing those of us that are barely staying afloat completely under water and driving America into the ground. ” Americans all over the nation are going through what Yolanda is going through, which is sad. Hopefully the flaws of ObamaCare can be fixed and people of this nation will stop suffering.

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