Process Analysis

1 January 2017

When I make a dessert, I expect to eat it soon after it is ready. I do not like making desserts for other people because that teases my hungry tummy. A few years back, my grandmother found a recipe online similar to the one that her grandmother used to serve at their Thanksgiving dinner in the 1940s. So keeping tradition alive, we have been making this dark chocolate dark marbled cheesecake ever since I can remember. This past Thanksgiving, my mom and I went grocery shopping to get all of the ingredients needed for this masterpiece.

We do not even use a shopping list anymore, that is how good we are. Anyway, we get back to the house where my aunt and grandma are waiting to start the fun. We have to make our own crust for this cheesecake so we split up into two teams since there are two parts to the recipe. First, my aunt and I start working on the crust which calls for 1 ? cups of vanilla wafer crumbs, ? cup powdered sugar and ? cup HERSHEY’S Cocoa all to be stirred in a medium bowl. Next was time for the ? stick of butter to be mixed in as well.

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Once everything was nice and crumby, it was time to empty and press the mixture into a pan, forming a crust; we baked that at 350 degrees in the oven for approximately nine minutes, and let it cool while the actual cheesecake was being made. That was the easy part. Mom and grandma were slacking on their part of the job, and I wanted this dessert sooner than later, so naturally my aunt and I picked up the slack. They already had the three packages of cream cheese and 1-? cups of sugar whipped up in the large turquoise bowl, along with 1-? teaspoons of vanilla extract.

Mom and grandma also separated ? of the mixture into a separate bowl and this is where the batter fight came happened. My aunt and I, being more mature, finish up this step by pouring the remaining concoction into the crust that had been cooling for quite some time. By this time my two dogs are getting riled up for some reason in the living room, we do not pay much attention because this cheesecake is more important at the time. So, it is now time for us to unwrap 12 Hershey’s Kisses Special Dark Chocolate bars. Easier said than done when we could not find the chocolates.

Both my aunt and I have a pretty good idea when we look at my dogs in the other room dry heaving. This was just perfect, without the 12 little chocolates this would be a ruined work of art. I told my mom to grow up and clean the cheesecake mixture off of her, put herself to good use and to please buy some more chocolate bars; thankfully we live right down the rode from a store. While she is gone, it was kind of hard to complete anything, so we had to wait. After waiting for eleven minutes, we got our chocolates and were ready to melt them in the microwave at a medium heat for one minute, stirring when it is done.

These chocolates were going into the remainder of the mixture that was not poured into the crust earlier. Now, it was time for the dark marbled part of the cheesecake to come aboard. Dropping the mixture with the chocolate bars teaspoons at a time into the pan, the dessert was finally coming together. One of the last steps was to bake for about 47 minutes or until the cheesecake was set. During this excruciating waiting time, it really was not that bad, we played a few games on Nintendo Wii. This helped time pass way faster than just sitting and watching the timer slowly tick down.

I never thought the time would come but the buzzer went off on the oven and it was time to take out the delicious dark chocolate dark marbled cheesecake. I am always in such a rush to get the thing made because after baking, it has to unfortunately cool in the refrigerator for several hours. And with the few extra Hershey’s Kisses, we garnish the top of the cheesecake. I usually take a nap while the cooling process is going on because that is also something else that makes the time go by faster. My alarm went off, which was the sound of my mom calling my name down the hall.

I frantically get up and hurry to the beloved kitchen to check on what I would be devouring in a few seconds. I always like to be the first person to eat this because well, I deserve it from putting my blood and sweat into making it. To my surprise, not a good surprise, someone had already eaten ? of the dessert. I did not know what to think; everybody who is anybody knows that I, Karli Greene, take the first bite. After raising hell for a few minutes, I quickly come to my senses and realize that that was not getting me anywhere and greedily consume my portion of the dark chocolate dark marbled cheesecake.

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