Product Line Extension and Brand Extension

Mona Sandal asks this important question about the difference between product line extension and brand extension. For most of the marketing students, these terms are confusing. The different definitions in the text books makes it more confusing. Interestingly the definitions of PLEA and BE are different in two editions ( 11 & 12 ) of Jostler’s Marketing Management text book.In the eleventh edition of Jostler’s Marketing Management, Product line is defined as a group of products with In a product class that are closely elated because they perform similar function, are sold to the same customer groups, are marketed through the same channels, or fall within given price ranges.

Line extensions consist of Introducing additional Items In the same product category under the same brand name , such as new flavors, forms, color, added Ingredients, package sizes etc.For example Lug soap comes In different variants like Lug Crystal Shine, Lug International etc. So when Lug comes with a new variant, It Is a line extension. Brand extension happens when a company uses Its existing brand name to launch reduces in other categories. For example, Woodlands which Is a shoe brand extends Itself to readmes and accessories. This definition has certain ambulates because the term category can be Interpreted In different ways.For example , when Lug brand Is extended to Shampoos , Is It a product line extension or brand extension ? The answer Is : If we take personal care as a category, then the extension Is a product line extension since soap and shampoos belong to the same category.

But If we take soap and shampoos as different categories, then the extension Is a brand extension.

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