Professional Experience Evalueserve. Com Pvt. Ltd. , Gurgaon Profile: Business Analyst Engagement: Analytics and Research Team Role: Have worked extensively in Telecom sector for analytical assignments; providing customer Insights for marketing practices Work Period: From JulY1 1 to Present Project Experience Employee satisfaction Research for a leading telecom service provider In The project involved customer segmentation, profiling and customer retention analysis besis the setlsfactlon and loyalty survey to help the client design their market trategies.

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Brand Perception Research for the same client The client wanted to analyze customers’ responses on various products/services offered by the company and perception about Its brand Image Analytical techniques used were: Significance Testing (test for proportions and test for means) Correspondence Analysis Net Promoter Score to measure customer loyalty Competitor Analysis and defining market positioning for the telecom client. Profiling the Industry growth within the region: conducting Location Attractiveness study & PESTEL Analysis for the given economy in the specific industries.

Writing Reports including Company profiles, Industry profiles, tracking market trends for Competltlve Landscaping and Internal Reports. Additionally Handling Adhoc Research Requests: Undertook various other data analysis and reporting assignments. Also, worked on ad-hoc research support on a wide variety of topics and scope of client’s interest. As I had started growing within the team, I took on additional responsibllltles of assisting my project manager In effort estimation of new work, preparing utilisation trackers and collaborate with the client on new projects. Awards and Achievements

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