Professional Integrity Elements

The Top Ten Academic & Professional Integrity Elements As a student at American InterContinental University we all have a certain code we must follow. Being a professional student, my duty is to abide by the rules of honesty set by the college to be professional at all I do. The code of honesty set by the college states, “that I pledge that all test taken and work submitted by me will be my original own ideas and of my own efforts. ” (Student Handbook, 2011) Showing honesty in any professional environment will bring great rewards for all who abide by the rules.Professional and academic integrity involves everyone taking responsibility for their conduct and competence. Accepting responsibility means taking care of the things that matter most to you.

It also means that even though one’s responsibilities may often change due to financial strains or any other changes at home; you are taking care of your business. When dealing with my ethics and integrity the top ten academic and professional elements that are most important to me are as follows: * Plagiarism which deals with purchasing papers or reusing a classmate’s paper as your own.It does not matter if the paper is purchased from online or from someone else; it is dishonest and considered plagiarizing. One should not purchase papers and pass it off as their own. Even though we change a few words, change the title of the paper or other sections of the paper it is still wrong and dishonest. Having your own ideas and thoughts says a great deal about the person writing the assignment. * Acquiring more skill sets to better able to support myself.

In this case, it means continuing my education. Mastering more skills will benefit any employer and oneself.Working hard and building up more skills will land the job or position that I wish to obtain to turn into my career. * Have the trust and confidence in using good judgment regarding all ethical practices set in order to maintain my high standards. Maintaining a good grade point average is of importance to me. If I fail I am the one to blame for my own misfortunes, not the teacher or any other professional at the school, especially not the family you have at home. * Providing critique of someone’s work and using inappropriate language in the discussion board area.

When completing my assignments or other work I put myself into the writer’s shoes and try to see it from their point of view. Everyone has a right to their own opinion no matter what the topic is. When critiquing someone’s work one should be nice and courteous. So as not to offend or disrespect them, maintain your honesty and be a professional about what you’re trying to say. For example, you may want to say, “With no disrespect” or one could have their own thought. * Working on group projects within a team and failure to stand by the commitment to them is considered to be offensive.All members of your group are assigned a portion of the project.

If you say you’re going to do that area and don’t you are letting your team down and yourself. When working within a group it brings a lot of greatness and joy to each member. You will be able to meet new people and learn a lot about each other. Working together gives the team more understanding about the subject being worked and gives more understanding to others that may not know a lot about what you’re working on. * Time management is important when researching your subject.It is best to do a lot of research on a subject you’re discussing so as not to give the correct information about it. Make sure you’re aware of the pros and cons before you begin the assignment.

For instance, one may wish to start the assignment early; on Sunday, and Monday one can do research about the topic and read the chapter or chapters assigned. On Tuesday and Wednesday you can write down the information needed to complete the assignment; by Thursday you can reread your thoughts and ideas about what you’ve written and Friday you can post your assignment.That way on Saturday you can be ready to reply to your discussion board as assigned by the instructor. * When posting the assignment; it is important that you go by your instructions set by the teacher. This is very important as to not submit the wrong assignment and some instructors may not wish to read the assignment if it’s not submitted correctly. Not following directions and doing your work the way you wish will cause a lot of problems. Your grades can slip, your assignments could be late and finally, you can fail your class.

For all who is continuing education if you fail your classes there are consequences set by the school and The Department of Education. If a student fails class or if their grade point average slips below the set guidelines, you can be put on probation or may even be dropped from school. Some may even require you to pay the money back. * Good communication skills are a must. Every professional has to have a clear understanding about the work being done. Communication is the key to success no matter what field or profession you’re working in. When orking on your assignments, one has to adapt to catch the audience or readers intended.

Writing and speaking clearly will get the writer’s point across about the topic being discussed. “Communicating with each other’s means that one must be able to talk or write efficiently and act a civilized way. ” (Lesikar, 2008) * When speaking or writing about a given subject I want to be honesty to the best of my ability. That is why one must completely research their given topic thoroughly. Establishing credibility means whether you’re competent at discussing your topic chosen.If you’re not honest then no one will believe you. “Competence is how an audience respects your intelligence, expertise and knowledge.

” (Lucas, 2008) Being able to supply the audience with the correct information gives them respect toward the writer due to the fact that you have a lot of input about the subject. One may wish to come to you about helping them on their work as well. It gives you great confidence knowing that you helped someone get a good grade on their work as well. * And finally, the last academic and professional element of importance to me is being professional.No matter what type of work, or project I am doing it has to be great. I won’t settle for anything less than perfect. When you’re a professional it is very important to do the work assigned to you.

If a problem arise and you don’t know what to do always ask for help. Asking for help does not say that you’re stupid it just means that you don’t understand the topic at hand. In other words, a professional is someone who shows respect, courtesy, honesty and passion to all he or she meets. This assignment had me stressed for a little while but I gave my best to complete this assignment to the best of my abilities.The education I receive is very important to me. It gives me great pleasure and so much knowledge that can be used to benefit myself and further my career. I have set many guidelines and values that I must maintain to be the best that I can be when working, going to school and succeeding in life.

One can say that ethics can be defined as having moral duties or principles and the practice between good and evil. Being ethical is showing honesty toward oneself and one another. Integrity involves when one shows or adhere to certain codes of values.

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