Professional Vision/Philosophy Statement

1 January 2017

Statement I believe that the underpinning effectiveness of leadership is personal integrity. My actions will assist as an example for others and will be based upon honesty, respect and fairness. I will keep my word and will treat people fairly and with respect. I will trust the members of my team to make sound, moral decisions and I will guide and support them. One of the main keys to effective leadership is communication. I will be an effective communicator, both in speaking and listening.

Effective communication empowers an educational leader with the respect of those around them. Communication must move along laterally as well as vertically within the school so that everyone knows what is happening. Every issue has more than one perspective, and I believe it’s extremely important to make sure all voices are heard and respected, not just the loudest and most persistent. Even if an agreement cannot be reached, I will clarify that all parties still need to understand and respect the viewpoints of others when decisions are made.

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I will accept everyone as they are and find the strengths they possess. As a school leader I will do my best to recognize that there are different types of human traits that can be exhibited among team members. I believe it is the duty of an effective school leader to identify the trait in individual members of her team and know how to use the qualities to an advantage. I will encourage my staff members to set personal and professional goals and challenge them to grow. I realize that I will be a channel for the fairness among groups and individuals.

It is imperative that all members of the school community, including parents, students, and teachers, are treated in a respectful way. I will inspire my staff members to share my vision for the school and make it their vision; I will be a motivational leader. I will spread my enthusiasm and optimistic attitude to all stakeholders. I will be visible and accessible so that parents, students, and team members know that I am there if they need me. I believe that one of the best ways to align followers with your vision and goals is by forming relationships through encouragement.

Finally, I believe that educational leadership is deeply rooted in service to the school community and school division, while forever improving learning opportunities for each learner. As a school leader I will enrich the school community and build authentic relationships with students and teachers, providing positive environments for the growth of all learners, including themselves. It will be my deepest pleasure to follow these visions while providing an atmosphere of encouragement, enthusiasm, and structure.

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