Professor Tammi Clearfield unit 4 Individual Project Bowers v. Hardwick Short review The year Is 1986. Location -Georgia. What started as a regular day for Michel Hardwick, led to unbelievable chain of events and ended with one of the most disgraceful Supreme Court’s decision. After throwing a bottle of beer toa trash can outside gay bar M. Hardwick was cited for drinking In public. But because of the police officers mistake, Michael did not show up in court, as dates were mixed up. As a result, arrest warrant was issued.

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And when a police officer showed up at Mr. Hardwick’s residence to serve the warrant (which at that time was already called off, since Michael had paid the 50$ fine) he found an acquaintance sleeping on a couch and Mr. Hardwick, engaged in oral sex with another male partner (www_law_cornell_edu) History Of course, today we view things differently than people did 30 or so years ago. Back then many states, including Georgia had sodomy laws, which allowed and accepted one form of sex “traditional” vaginal intercourse between male and female).

Any other forms of sex were a crime and while this idea sounds completely ridiculous oday it dates back from the early days of colonies and is deeply rooted in both English Common Law and American Law. Sodomy laws in early colonial days punished to death those who engaged In what we today know as bestial and homosexual activities. Fast forward to the 19th century and those laws are still there, however, they are only enforced if the act of sodomy is public or violent, and it this sort of crime. After the first World War came the “roaring twenties”, and the party was on.

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