Evaluation design and program (or curriculum) planning cannot be treated as independent activities. As seen in the graphic, you must first set clear goals and bjectives and instructional strategies before you can decide how to assess learners or determine the overall success of a program (or curriculum). Findings from the evaluation inform decisions about what modifications may be necessary as you refine objectives, instructional strategies and learner activities.

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This improvement cycle continues until the program or curriculum achieves Its stated goals (Msu_edu). Program planning and evaluation Interrelate where this scenario is concern because there is a need for the Peace program. There are also a large number of people that uffer from domestic violence. The victims are not the only one that needs help; the abuser is also in need of help. The main objective the plan” Is to stop the abuse. In order to stop the abuse the first step would be to identify the issue and what is causing the problem.

A more specific example would be after providing young people who are or have been Involved with the criminal Justice system with a rehabilitation enable them to lead fulfilled and successful lives. Follow up with an evaluation to see what type of progress has been made. This way you will know what is working and hat is not working. Of course the same thing that works for one person or families may not necessarily work for another. At least you will have a better idea of if your plan is working.

As far as the technical aspect of the program planning and evaluation making sure professional counselor are dealing with the clients. This will ensure that the proper needs of the clients are being met; things like counseling, shelter, education, etc. Most of the clients are not only abused physically they have lost or had to leave everything behind. The political aspect that could cause an issue ould be finding somewhere safe for victims to go. Often times the abusers will not take responsibility for their actions.

This is why there needs to be people fighting for

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laws to ensure that Justice is being served, also that the abuser is taking responsibility for the actions. If you have victim that wants to get out of an abusive relationship there should be safe houses and laws in place to back them up. There should also be agreements made by the agencies to ensure that the clients understand clearly what they are getting into, so that if they change their minds later n it will not affect the agency negatively later.

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