Program Planning and Evaluation

A program and evaluation of a program are not separate activities. When carefully planned a program and the evaluation of the program can be integrated into an organized set of ongoing operations that promote and support each other. Program planning is an organized process in which a set of coordinated activities or interventions is developed to address and facilitate change in some or all of the identified problems. It is an ongoing process of development with the intention of designing a plan that will tackle the identified needs and problems.

Program planning is a means for program development and is a goal oriented activity based on the assessed needs and problems. Program planning requires that decisions be made. Program evaluation provides the needed information because it is the process of gathering and analyzing the data necessary for appraising alternatives. Program evaluation is a cooperative undertaking of all those concerned with improving vocational education, and is the foundation upon which planning is built.

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The scenario that I chose from Appendix B is “Continental Senior Center”.

The following is an example of how program planning and evaluation interrelate in my chosen scenario. The Continental Senior Center provides a balanced, diverse, and coordinated program and promotes the senior center as a model for the aging and aged. The senior center is involved in a community wide effort to provide seniors with information and referral services for those seeking help with taxes, health, housing, and other concerns. They also provide case management services three days a week. They also offer computerized information assistance to help seniors and family members to gain access to available services in the area.

With a population of 60% over the age of 60 and approximately 50% of those over the age of 60 have a poverty-level income, the senior center is a valuable asset. Technology is the transformation of inputs into outputs. Inputs are the resources such as data and information of needs and problems, intervention methods, and staffing. Outputs are the services and goods that are produced as the result of utilization of the inputs. Political economy is the interaction and dynamic between politics and economic interests.

Political means the process by which the organization obtains power and legitimacy. Economic means the process by which the organization gets resources such as clients, staff, and funding. Some of the technical and political aspects of program planning and evaluation that one may encounter in my chosen scenario “Continental Senior Center” are the computer information system, case manager staffing, funding for resources, and their referral services. Some of the possible technical issues concerning computer information could be to maintain an up to date data base, computer maintenance

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